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masinolina, June 28,  2020  1:10pm EST

arm/shoulder pain

I am new to this or any support site. I have heavy shoulder and arm feelings. Is this common? and what can I do to relieve the pain? My doctor suggest  Tylenol, and have taken 1000 mg once a day and it doesn't seem to help. Any other ideas?


Also,does stress have an impact on stroke victims? Does it heighten our pain or make us more suceptible to another stroke?


I am very anxious about these problems. I am due to go to fly to another state to help a daughter who is having marital stress, just leaving her husband and she has 3 children. I am afraid the emotional stress will not be good for me there. Do I need to be aware and learn to relax more?

Thanks for any input. 

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  • JimSinclair
    JimSinclair, June 29,  2020  8:31am EST

    Welcome to our network. All survivors seem to have slightly different experiences during our journey of recovery, but enough similarities that we can relate to your situation by providing information from our own experiences.

    When I first had my stroke I couldn’t figure out why my left arm from shoulder to fingers felt like they had turned to lead. My shoulder pain didn’t start until long after my heavy arm feeling had dissipated. A physiotherapist told me that sometimes during a stroke a shoulder falls and the shoulder blade in your back pulls the scapulae muscle. There are exercises that can relieve this.

    Because I am on Warfarin as a blood thinner, I cannot take anti-inflammatories, and only use Tylenol as a pain reliever. While stress is rarely listed as a contributing risk for stroke, it definitely has considerable effect on our functioning. I don’t believe that it has ever effected my pain levels.  Yes. You need to relax more or do whatever it takes to reduce your stress . You might start by trying to see yourself as a stroke survivor rather than a victim. In my terminology survivors have had some strength that has enabled them to continue on with life and that strength will get them through their journey of recovery. The stroke victims did not survive.


  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, June 29,  2020  10:08am EST

    I am so sorry that you are having to manage all of this! I can share the information we have on life after stroke.   Did your regular doctor or your neurologist prescribe the Tylenol? There could be other drugs that could help and it is worth a discussion with your neurologist to find out. 

    I am sending prayers for strength & healing for both you and your daughter during the coming months. 

    Best Katie

  • masinolina
    masinolina, June 29,  2020  12:23pm EST

    thank you so much for your inputs. It helps alot to be included in this support. Yes, it makes sense to see myself as a survivor, not a victim. Thanks so much for that insight. 


    I do not have a neurologist nor has my primary care recommended a neurologist. Should I be seeing one? 

  • JimSinclair
    JimSinclair, June 30,  2020  5:53am EST


    You should definitely have a neurologist. Access to a physiotherapist can also be very beneficial.

  • Hazel2009
    Hazel2009, July 2,  2020  7:37pm EST

    Please don't get too stressed as that is what caused my stroke.  Just be there for your daughter but remember she is an adult. I finally got my doctor to order Gabipentin for me and that has helped with my pains.  Too much tylenol is bad for your liver. Best of luck.

  • masinolina
    masinolina, July 3,  2020  10:26am EST

    tears of joy for all replys. I finally have someone to talk to!. Thank you for al of your input. I wasn't sure if stress plays a part in stroke but after reading Hazel's reply, I guess it can be very detrimental for recurrence of strokes. Thanks for heads up. 

  • masinolina
    masinolina, July 5,  2020  6:43pm EST

    As a recent stroke survivor, and still having tingling and numbness on my left side, how do I know if I am having a 2nd stroke?  My shoulder and arm feel so heavy at time as well as tingling in my leg. My *** said that this feeling will last for quite a while. 

  • axnr911
    axnr911, July 19,  2020  5:55pm EST

    Since my stroke almost 2 years ago, my chest feels weird-sort of heavy.   I feel like I need to take deep breaths every so often. ( Cardiologist says my heart is working fine.)  I can't wear a bra now.  The band drives me crazy.  Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas of ways to relieve this uncomforable feeling?

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