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Janamac, February 25,  2021  3:44pm EST

7 months after stroke and still no feeling or movement on left side

Hello, Everyone -

My beloved aunt suffered a stroke caused by undetected atrial fibrillation in early July of 2020.  She still has no feeling or movement on her left side.  Wondering if anyone on here as regained their left side mobility this long after their stroke, and, if so, how they went about getting there.  Also wondering if anyone has heard about or had any experience with the Anat Baniel Method of rehabilitation as mentioned in the book, Hope After Stroke?  Thank you all so very much, Jana

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, February 25,  2021  5:13pm EST

    Hello there,

    Thank you for reaching out on your aunt's behalf. I am so sorry you're going through this. Here are some resources about Atrial Fibrillation and Life After Stroke that you can review and share with your aunt. Thank you for joining the support network and we hope you will be able to connect with people who have been through the same experience and can share some advice.

    Please keep the community updated on her progress.

    Best Wishes,

    AHA Moderator

  • axnr911
    axnr911, February 25,  2021  8:15pm EST

    Hi Jana-- I'm wondering a couple of things.  First, has your aunt gotten some treatment for the afib, so it doesn't cause a future stroke?  I was put on dilitiazem for the afib  and to lower blood pressure and elequis  as a blood thinner.  Second, what sort of rehabilitation has she had?  It's so important.  From the third day on I had physical and occupatonal therapy (including electrical stimulation - like a tens unit) 3 times a day for 3 weeks and then twice a week for four months.  I am no expert, but I can tell you that after 2 1/2 years, I am still improving and get better very slowly every day.  My friend said she didn't feel "like herself" until after 4 years.  I only mention this to show that brain healing continues and rewires itself even after a long time.  But I know it is important to be trying to use your body.  Is your aunt continuing some kind of therapy?  I hope so. She will be in my prayers tonight.  Love, Jeanne

  • Janamac
    Janamac, February 26,  2021  3:13pm EST

    Hi Jeanne -

    Thank you so much for your reply and for your prayers for my aunt.

    Yes, she did have PT, OT, and speech therapy while at Duke and afterwards at Hillcrest Convalescent.  She's been at home since around the first of this year and is receiving some therapy there.  She did have a setback early on at Duke when she contracted COVID and had to be in isolation for a week or two.  And yes, she is now on medication for her AFIB.

    Gratefully, Jana

  • axnr911
    axnr911, February 27,  2021  12:29pm EST

    I think one thing that is difficult for most of us who have had a stroke to adjust to is the fact that the improvements take so long they aren't too visible.  It's just that after time when you look back you realize you have improved.  Time and persistance are the keys.  Never, never lose hope or give up.  The journey for some of us can be quite long, and it is a struggle.  It's hard to keep up struggling over a long period of time,, but it works. If one day my thumb moved 1/8 inch and the next day it moved 1/4 of an inch--that's improvement!   Many months later I could compare how many steps I took one day to how many the next.  My mantra is "Every day in every way I'm getting better and better.".

  • BarryK
    BarryK, March 2,  2021  1:54pm EST

    My wife suffered a major Ischemic Stoke on June 29, 2019 of her brain stem which affected her speech and entire right side.  She was hospitalized in Intensive Care and Acute Care for 5 months (during which time she was fed by a nose tube) and a Rehabilitation Hospital for 7 months.  Throughout her hospitalization she received PT, OT, and Speech Therapy.  Since leaving Rehab COVID hit which put a halt in her therapy.  After about two months we arranged Private PT and she has also received some Outpatient Therapy (8 weeks once a day) for PT, a bit of OT and Speech primarily via Zoom.  All that background to let you know that she has recovered a lot of her speech, ability to swallow and some movement of her left arm and hand.  We continue twice a week therapy with a private PT who is confident she continues to make improvement and one day – not in the immediate future – she will walk again.  So it’s a very long haul but don’t give up.  There was once a post on this forum which said in effect that progress recovery from a stroke is like a glacier, very slow but if you keep at working it moves!

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