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shdowdncrfae, January 30,  2021  10:25pm EST

Survived.. Now what?

In September 2018, I had a received a medication for migraines that resulted in a brain bleed leading to a hemorrhagic stroke. I was 33. I had a full time job, was the primary "bread winner", and my daughter was only 3 at the time. She was the one who found me. Long story made short, I went through a lot of therapy. I have ataxia, aphasia, and right side was affected. I still have little use of my right arm, and my leg is only about 75%. I can walk, that's about the extent of my progress with the leg.. Mentally, I'm ready to go back to work. Physically I'm not. It is a process just to get myself and my daughter ready for the day. Disability is a mess, I got rejected.

It is a struggle every day, but I am going to keep at it. I'm doing physical therapy myself. I was married, but the hemorrhage destroyed the marriage. With struggling to communicate, the marriage fell apart. I still have trouble with speech, but writing isn't a problem. 

If anyone has similar experiences, or just want to share yours, please respond 

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, January 31,  2021  3:55pm EST

    Hello there,

    You have been through a great deal and I am really glad you've chosen to reach out to the Support Network for advice. Your determination and persistence are admirable! I'd like to share some resources with you on Life After Stroke and on the Effects of Stroke. Please know that you are not alone and that we are here to help you through this time.

    Please keep us updated on your progress!

    Best Wishes,

    AHA Moderator

  • Qrowe
    Qrowe, May 1,  2021  8:55am EST

    My story is very similar to yours. I'm 36 now. I had an AVM stroke when I was 33. I was on the path of acquiring my electrical engineering degree and marriage as well but unfortunately, both became non-existent after the stroke. I was in the hospital for a month. weak left side. leg is 75% but can walk. i can move my left arm but my wrist and fingers are still useless. Therapy everyday. I take cholesterol meds along with ADD and muscle relaxants. I was lucky to get the approval for SSDI income which I won without a lawyer (I was proud of myself when the judge said I was still a bright young man). Nowadays, I'm dealing with depression, boredom, uselessness, loneliness etc. I'm trying to find new skill to learn from online courses and such but the ADD gets in the way. I drink more than occasionally Due to depression and loneliness unlike before the stroke. The pandemic is not helping either. My doctors say that my depression isn't on a clinical level. I listen to sad music mostly and just day dream about building a self sustained house in an off grid location with solar stanchion with a tiny farm. sometimes I drop tears. Perhaps I'm getting addicted to depression and loneliness. My friends ask to hang out and I refuse but regret later.I have oral surgeries coming up. My life sucks right now and I don't know what to do or how to improve this status.I thought maybe it would be a good idea if I start making friends who share similar experiences. 

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