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haljlev, July 30,  2020  5:36pm EST

Stroke in 40s? (Hemorrhagic)

Hi all: 

New to the site -- at 47, had a hemorrhagic stroke last month (June), diagnosed in early July. Recovering through PT, waiting for more tests and results to determine next steps... 

I'm looking to find connections here as to what the road looks like...and how you've coped and even thrived through the challenges. 

Looking forward to meeting you...




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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, July 31,  2020  9:07am EST

    Good morning, Thank you so much for sharing what has happened to you. I can provide the information we have regarding life after a stroke.  How did you find the PT to be? Especially during COVID-19?  We have a very interesting COVID-19 Stroke Podcast series and recently posted one about Stroke Rehab that you might find helpful. 

    I  look forward to reading our community responses and getting to know you better.

    Thank you, 


  • haljlev
    haljlev, August 8,  2020  12:19pm EST

    Thank you, Katie -- and thanks for the resources.  PT has been wonderful, and in-person (with disinfecting, social distancing where possible).  Working primarily on strengthening legs for balancing, etc.


  • kbragg1970
    kbragg1970, October 9,  2020  9:11pm EST

    Hi Hal, 

    I am 49 and had a Cerebral Hemorrhage in August. I was fortunate to have a very good physical therapist that consistently challenged me everyday to increase my core strength and balance. I hope you are doing well in your therapy and feel free to message me anytime.

  • kfontanez
    kfontanez, October 12,  2020  1:07pm EST
    Never Give Up.png.

    Never Give Up

  • andiwantitno
    andiwantitno, October 27,  2020  6:48pm EST

    My brother had a stroke in mid-July, he was hospitalized for two nearly months and has been rehabbing at home for the past several weeks. He's 42. Physically he is doing well, aphasia is making his word-finding pretty difficult but he understands and can be understood fairly well.

    My comment to Hal is that hearing from folks who have had similar experiences who are also the same age category has been really helpful for my brother. Everything my YouTube videos to TedTalks. In fact, I was curious if anyone knew of an only group that was specifically aimed at folks from 30s-50s where the topics are about rehab and exactly the things discussed in this thread. Is there such a group? I know my brother would be interested in something like that.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing ans insights!

    - Jonathan

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