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doubleducky, August 24,  2020  11:03pm EST

My Intro

Hello everyone,

My Hemorrhagic Stroke was on 7/23.  I'm 4 months short of 65.  I still have a time grasping that it happened.  My hospital's rehab has been good and helped to get about 50% back.  Balance is sometimes shakey, but otherwise, I can walk without support, do stairs, household things within some reason of stamina and strength.  Aphasia has a solid hold with my inability to find the right words and not slur.  I'll be in out-patient rehab at my hospital for a while, as least as the aphasia.  But I'm not complaining, those are the cards I got dealt with and I'll stay put at the table and do everything I can to win.

Maybe I'm not supported to do this, but my name is John.    Thanks!

6 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, August 25,  2020  9:21am EST

    Welcome to the Support Network! We are so glad to have you here. I can share the information we have on Aphasia with you and I look forward to reading more from our membership as well. Thank you for coming and for talking about what is happening in your world! Best Katie

  • TomBroussard
    TomBroussard, August 25,  2020  12:53pm EST

    Hi John, Thanks for your wonderful note!  It sounded like you are doing very well...your writing looks great! It appeared that you also have the motivation that is needed to keep the race going and win!  When it comes to aphasia, there are many organizations that can help...the National Aphasia Association is a good one but there are many.  Check their list of affiliates for help too...there are hundreds.  Do you have a local stroke/aphasia group in your area?  There are many organizations with Zoom chats, etc.  Congrats for your progress on the journey! Tom B.

  • axnr911
    axnr911, August 27,  2020  6:01pm EST

    John, With your positive attitude, I know you're going to be ok.  You're doing very well, and it's been such a short time.  I am still recovering as far as stamina goes after 2 years.  It can take a while for the brain to heal, so don't get discouraged.  Just "keep on goin''.  My prayers are with you.  Jeanne

  • Spooky75
    Spooky75, September 9,  2020  11:54am EST

    Hi John,

    Welcome! Thanks for sharing your story. What I love the most is your "do everything I can to win" positive attitude. That is definitely going to help you on the road ahead. I'm two years post, and I still have occasional balance issues and hyper-reflexivity and fatigue ... but I feel grateful every day to still be here. I sense from your post that you also have that sense of gratitude, and I encourage you to continue cultivating that. What happened to us was life-changing, but what matters is that we're still here to fight the fight. 



  • kfontanez
    kfontanez, October 12,  2020  11:33am EST
    Support Mesage.jpg.

    You are not alone!

  • Clarisa
    Clarisa, October 24,  2020  1:53pm EST

    Thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work.

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