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TEAMGUZMAN, January 14,  2019  11:17am EST
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Monday Blessings

Hi Everyone! Just checking in, and peeping over the fence to see how everyone is doing today! Here in New Jersey it is very cold!

This morning it was 27 degrees! Since my stroke, I really feel the cold a bit more! Have any of you become sensitive to temperature?

I am always cold! Especially my affected right hand..There are days were I have to wear a mitten or glove at work! LOL

Please reach out if you would like to chat! We are all in this together!

Have a great week!

Blessings, Toni

2 Replies
  • Boss22
    Boss22, January 14,  2019  5:57pm EST

    hi toni.  im heather.  i live outside of denver and considerred weird for loving snow and cold weather.  its been very mild here lately.  i dont go out when its realy cold and snowy.  i used to be a cpa.  What do you do for a living.  what do you do for fun.


    TEAMGUZMAN, January 14,  2019  8:10pm EST

    Hi Heather! Very nice to meet you! I live in New Jersey,  and we are having some chilly weather! They are monitoring a snow storm for this weekend..fingers crossed it loses steam .

    I currently work as a dispatch manager for a waste management company.  Stressful? Yes.. some days I wish I could hit the lottery and stay home.  Lol .

    I enjoy the 4 seasons in NJ, but Autumn is my favorite! How are you doing? If you don't mind me asking, what type of stroke did you have? Ny stroke was cryptogenic ( no known origin). It happened on January 7th 2017. I just had my 2 year strokeaversary 

    Well I have to get to sleep, 5am gets here fast.

    Sending you wishes for a good night. 

    Take care,  Toni

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