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kfontanez, August 6,  2020  4:42pm EST

Big News!

Hello survivors,

My name is Karina. I am a stroke survivor and I wanted to share this documentary to let others know that we can reach independence on our recuperation. Every person in this world has power and that is the power of our Mind. It is so powerful once you discover it. I hope you enjoy it. YOU CAN DO IT!


Feel free to comment below any thoughts about it.

Here I included a visual portion. Click the link below or copy and paste it. 


3 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, August 13,  2020  9:20am EST

    Good morning,  Thank you for asking the question about life coaches. They can be of great benefit to many people. However, I do need to check-in that the Support Network can not be used to market a business opportunity or concept. If there is a program you used and want to recommend it, that would be wonderful. However, if you are a life coach seeking new members, that would not be allowed on the site. 
    Thank you, Katie

  • axnr911
    axnr911, August 18,  2020  6:03pm EST

    Very encouraging.  Thank you for sharing! Love and best wishes! Jeanne

  • kfontanez
    kfontanez, August 19,  2020  5:19pm EST

    I am happy you enjoy it. That is the intention to motivate and encourage stroke survivors to achieve their goals.

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