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TEAMGUZMAN, December 5,  2018  9:58am EST

Wednesday Blessings

Good Morning, Neighbors!

Just peeping over the fence to see how you are all doing today! Here in NJ the temperatures are getting chillier! This morning on my way to work it was 21 degrees! Which brings me to this question for all of you. Does your affected side seem colder than the un-affected side? I find that my affected side (right hand) can get as cold as ice. Sometimes I can feel it, sometimes I can't. That is why I always make sure before I go outside to be properly dressed. I am afraid that if I don't dress it up with a glove or mitten, I am going to get frostbite with not being able to always feel the temperature. 


I wish you all a wonderful day, and as my Mom always used to tell me before I left the house, "bundle up".

Much love to you all, Toni

5 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, December 6,  2018  8:38am EST

    It's even cold in Florida this week! I'm so excited. But I did have to dig my coat and scarf out to hit the store yesterday. :) 

    TEAMGUZMAN, December 6,  2018  9:07am EST

    Katie what is the temperature? 

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, December 10,  2018  8:56am EST

    HI! Today is 45, cloudy and blecky. Tomorrow is going to be 34 degrees in the morning! I think Florida is becoming the FROZEN tundra!!! How cold is it where you are? Katie

    TEAMGUZMAN, December 10,  2018  9:04am EST

    Good Morning Katie! 29 degrees this morning! It's seems NJ weather is always partly cloudy. LOL


    Hope you have a great week ahead!! Toni

  • Ttbleyden
    Ttbleyden, December 12,  2018  7:42pm EST

    Hi Toni - 

    my husband has to tell me to wear a coat & gloves here in the upper midwest - i dont feel the cold on either side - like you thats a  good news / bad news in winter climes! 

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