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DMCMJ, October 31,  2019  9:52am EST


I had a mild stroke April 2019 that affected my right side.  I participated in PT for 3 months at a facility and have continued the exercises at home.  I am able to do everything I could do before the stroke but I don't have endurance.  What I would appreciate your help with is understanding the physical feelings. It feels like there is a band around my arm. At first the band was about 1 inch wide but as of last Friday the band now covers from mid bicep to just above the wrist.  My leg feels like I am wearing fuzzy clothing.   My torso on the right side, front and back, feels as if I am being pressed -- like the pressure during a mammogram.  I'm not sure what I need from you. Maybe just a "yep same here.".  Or, "keep working this too shall pass."  I look forward to your comments.  

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, November 1,  2019  9:18am EST

    Thank you so much for sharing with us what has happened in your world. Stroke recovery is not easy and we are glad to be here to support you. I can share the information we have regarding life after stroke with you. Please know that we are here for you, every step of the way. Best  Katie

  • Matthew1
    Matthew1, November 1,  2019  10:26am EST

    I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. I’m a stroke survivor as well and can relate somewhat to what you’re descriping. First, endurance must be built up over time. I lost all of my physical conditioning after my stroke. As for the symptoms, they sound similar to what I still experience 3+ years after my stroke. Please discuss this with your neurologist and try reading about  dejerine roussy syndrome or thalamic pain syndrome . Perhaps the details will resonate with you and can be talked about with your doctors. Good luck and stay strong. 

    DMCMJ, November 20,  2019  7:41am EST

    Thank you for responding.  Katie, I went to your link for "life after stroke" and found it helpful.  Thank you.  Matthew1: your suggestion for reading was very helpfpul.  I discovered that I am troubled by paresthesia.  I started taking B-complex a couple of months ago and hope that will soon improve things for me.  I am also going to try massage with essential oils immediately and am considering accupuncture, as well.  Thank you both for your help.  Thank you very much.

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