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mschief, May 7,  2019  12:42pm EST

stroke with PFO

I had a stroke in December. I was working out and felt my leg go numb. Thought I just needed to lie down and before I knew I couldn't talk, lost my vision in one eye and was paralyzed on my right side. My 9 year old daughter found me and immediately called my wife. When I got to the hospital they didn't give me tpa but sent me to another hospital a little over an hour away. I was admitted and had thoe whole gamut (CAT, MRI, echo, etc). They found 3 "spots" indicating strokes (one of which I distictly remember in hindsight). Echo revealed a PFO that was closed on Valentine's Day of this year. I am fortunate that most things came back fairly quickly (though I was in PT/OT pretty intensely.) I still have numbness and balance/coordination issues. Typing is still pretty difficult. I was wondering what others experienced after PFO closure. Were there side effcts? Have they had another stroke since? The doc said I can go off plavix but I am worried about having another stroke.

Anyway. Thanks in advance for any posts. It has been great to read the messages on this site as it is very helpful to hear from people that have gone through the same thing.

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  • Sandy1
    Sandy1, May 22,  2019  7:25pm EST

    Hi Mschief,

    Sounds like you’re doing very well following your stroke.  I was also very fortunate since I have no symptoms following my stroke in January. 2019.  I did have a TIA in 2010 and was placed on Plavix but had another TIA a year later when I was then placed on Aggrenox.  I was doing great and in 2017 went on a Whole Food Plant Based diet after learning that arteries could be cleared from such a diet.  No doctor ever told me that I had no problems with plaque build up in my arteries so about a year prior to my stroke I slowly stopped taking the Aggrenox thinking I was clearing my arteries with the plant based diet.   Following this stroke I restarted with the prescribed Aggrenox.  I will be seeking out further evaluation for the cause of my Cryptogenic stroke next year since the hospital where I was admitted is not a certified stroke center.  I do not feel confident in seeking additional help at this hospital or health plan because the Cardiologist ignored the fact when I told him that I had a Lipoprotein(a) test in 2011 that did indicate an elevated LPa.   Instead he wanted to go straight to a TEE test.  I’m 77 years old and I know from reading that older patients seem not to do well If a PFO closure needs to be done.  I would much prefer to go to a well known stroke center and have the kind of a work up that I can trust.  At the time of the stroke I had a very mild symptom of my right foot going numb and losing the vision in my right eye for one and a half days.  All symptoms disappeared on the second day of hospitalization and it was only because of the testing that the stroke was confirmed.  My primary care physician did say he thought that my mild symptoms may have attributed to my Whole Food Plant Based diet which I follow very strictly.  (Dr Michael Greger’s food plan).   I hope I have not bored you with my mini dissertation but  I realize that since I have not had the same procedure as you that I may be of little help.  The one thing we do have in common is the lack of communication from our care providers and the somewhat dismissive attitude when we question anything.

    I will need to wait until I can change insurance companies to get an adequate follow up since I have no trust in my current medical care.provider and I can do nothing without their permission.  

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