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Billybob52, May 9,  2020  4:30pm EST


My wife had a stroke 3 years ago. but lately she's been sleeping a lot. I told her primary doctor last week but she just said her rrythm may be off. I'm concerned.

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  • AlyAHA
    AlyAHA, May 11,  2020  11:25am EST

    Billybob52, I'm sorry to hear that your wife is sleeping a lot and it is concerning to you. Since her primary doctor doesn't seem concerned, do you think it is worth getting a second opinion? Have other things changed in her life recently that would make her more tired? Exercise, stress, eating habits, medication/supplement change? Does she have any other symptoms that you're concerned about?

    I read an article a few weeks ago (that I can't find now) explaining the psychological stress of coronavirus and sheltering in place. In essences, this is something we have never been faced with and we are emotionally fatigued from watching the news, worrying about our risk, not leading our normal lives, and changed habits. I have noticed I too am sleeping more even though my activity level is way less. 

    Trust your gut and follow up with the doctor (or another doctor) if you think this is worrisome. 

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