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thisorthat, September 13,  2019  7:48pm EST


Having trouble staying motivated to exercise my arm.  4 months after my aneurysm/stroke.  My pt is out if the country for an emergency.  This just makes it easy for me to skip the work.  I get depressed too which drags me down too.


Anyone have any tips to help keep me going?


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  • Spooky75
    Spooky75, September 16,  2019  10:31am EST

    I can completely relate! I suffered a cryptogenic stroke just over a year ago. I went to physical and occupational therapy and subsequently "graduated" from those after a couple of months. Then I thought, well, I must be ok now ... so I stopped doing the exercises. I really wish I hadn't. The best progress is made within the year after your stroke. That's what I've been told. These days, I often deal with a stiff stroke leg, and my balance still isn't quite right. What's helping me now is that I've made a concerted effort to get back to the gym - particularly for strength training. I've gone from being able to push about 130 lbs on the seated leg press post-stroke to now pushing 275 lbs on the seated leg press. THAT makes me feel powerful even on those days that my body doesn't feel 100%.


    So, keep going. You'll continue to improve!

  • JKViggiano
    JKViggiano, September 16,  2019  12:01pm EST

    Hi thisorthat.  I guess the real question is how much do you want to use your arm? If you want full use of your arm, then find a way to make the exercises fun and enjoyable and get it done! Not only might you get your arm back, you will feel great accomplishment having done it. Is there someone in your life to work with you or hold you accountable? Recovery is no fun alone.

    We say Recovery is a Team Sport. Assemble your team and set some goals. Ask your PT to add some exercises you can do with another person. Add music or work outside or anything to make the work FUN. Celcbrate any improvement.

    We only get to move forward. What do you want your life to look like? Write it down and look at it often. You can do it! 

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