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Spooky75, May 13,  2020  11:57am EST

How are you all doing?

I just want to check in to see how everyone's doing during these crazy times. Obviously, our physical health as stroke survivors is extremely important. However, our mental health is just as important, and I sincerely hope you all are doing OK. 

Let's keep the conversation going. 


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    TEAMGUZMAN, May 14,  2020  9:51am EST

    Hi everyone! I have been trying to keep busy. I must admit that I have been a bit down  lately. My motivation to exercise has gone down the tube! I have gained 4 pounds. It may not seem like a lot,  but I feel bit. Every night before I go to sleep,  I say, "tomorrow I will workout". Then, there I am,  watching the Golden Girls. Lol... Mentally it is hard to stay focused on positive things sometimes,  feeling like I am on house arrest. 🤭

  • Matthew1
    Matthew1, May 14,  2020  11:20am EST

    As long as you’re doing the best you can to stay active and productive, no one can argue with that. I find that moving my body-even for a half hour walk- can put my brain in a better spot. It’s tough to begin after being in the house for 2 months but go one day at a time. Just commit to TODAY. That’s it. Soon it will become routine. Benefits can be emotional and physical. And turning OFF the tv can be helpful too. Read a book, write in a journal or FaceTime with family and friends. We can do this !!!!

  • AlyAHA
    AlyAHA, May 14,  2020  11:27am EST

    It does change day to day. Things feel weirdly normal at the moment, but I am feeling a little stuck. I had just relocated to Phoenix area when this all started so have yet to make friends here, and now the weather is brutally hot forcing me inside most of the time. I too have gained weight and keep telling myself to exercise tomorrow! I do walk my dog at least twice a day so at least I'm moving a little bit. Mathew, I agree with limiting screen time! I have two 30-minute windows each day (lunch and immediately following work) I don't look at any screens. It helps break up the day, and of course I try to stay away from screens more than just that. 

    Are you all working while at home? Do you like to stick to a rigid routtine or have you become more lax?

  • Spooky75
    Spooky75, May 14,  2020  5:05pm EST

    I'm working from home 100 percent right now. So grateful! I've been keeping count, so this is day 48 of working from home, and day 61 of "being in captivity," as I call it. 

    I've had my moments of anger and sadness and utter disbelief, but right now I feel comfortable ... although, I'm ready for life to get back to "normal," whatever that's going to mean. I think nicer weather moving in will definitely help.

    I'm focusing a lot on my mental health. So I read, and I watch funny or educational stuff on TV ("Ask a Mortician" on YouTube is fascinating!), and I spend a lot of time with my cat. Zoom calls with friends also help.

    I do miss the gym, though! I'd finally gained back a lot of my strength that I'd lost after the stroke. Can't wait to get back to lifting weights!

  • JKViggiano
    JKViggiano, May 18,  2020  12:21pm EST

    We are getting lots of walking into each day. All the flowers and shrubs are blooming so each day is its own kind of beautiful. We started a garden and get excited every day with how fast the tomatoes and onions are growing. Our time outside has really saved us!


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