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CindyYB, March 18,  2020  7:12pm EST

Depression caused by a stroke

Hi, I just had a stroke last month , I'm only atvmy esrly 40s. And the doctors still unable to determine what caused the stroke . After a coupe of weeks being discharged from ICU I have started experiencing  severe  memory loss  and depression . I'm looking for support from people who experienced the same trauma. I am so unfocused and not xble to work. I feel worthless sometimes. Don't like people say I look great. I feel awful though . I used to be sharp and very outgoing. Now I am so lack of confidence and antisocial . Cry a lot , lost interest in doing anything fun .. I'm hoping to connect with the  people who had the same experience and have the same symptoms to chat and get some support. Thank you all. 

3 Replies
  • Matthew1
    Matthew1, March 20,  2020  10:34am EST

    I am very sad to hear your story but you are NOT alone!!! I also suffered a stroke in my 40’s and suffered similar issues after I was released from the hospital. This is common. Our brains are not the same as they were prior to the stroke. But may heal significantly in the next few years .You are only a month removed from a major brain trauma. This road to recovery can take years. Be kind to yourself and that includes, not only physical therapy but emotional therapy. There are doctors who deal with this all the time. I can’t stress this enough. You must take care of mental health. Depression after stroke is VERY common. Please seek help and take one day at a time . This may be a long road BUT you will make it!!!!!! Surround yourself with people and any activity that makes you happy and generates positive vibes. As for WHY you had the stroke: mine was also a mystery until I saw a cardiologist who diagnosed me with a PFO (opening in my heart) that allowed a blood clot to escape and hit my brain. It could be worth looking into with your doctors. Take it slow. Pace yourself. And remember: you survived and there are many professionals who can help you!!!!!!!!

  • Spooky75
    Spooky75, March 27,  2020  2:01pm EST

    Hi CindyYB,

    Thanks for sharing your story with us. 

    I also had a cryptogenic stroke, and it was later determined to have likely been caused by sleep apnea. Any chance you might have undiagnosed sleep apnea?

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