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chill69ot, August 5,  2019  8:15pm EST

Visual Issues

I am wanting to find out what kind of visual deficits stroke survivors are experiencing. How are your visual problems being addressed, if at all? Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, August 6,  2019  9:46am EST

    Good morning, there are some people who do find a change in vision after their stroke. I can share the resources we have on this topic with you, Visual Disturbances. Thanks Katie

  • Matthew1
    Matthew1, August 6,  2019  3:36pm EST

    Hi, I’m so sorry you’re dealing with eye issues. I can relate. I’ve had major eye issues since my stroke. I strongly advise you see a neuro ophthalmologist. They are well versed in eye issues involving brain damage. They can give you an indication if/how you can improve your sight. Good luck. Stay tough. 

  • Vidda
    Vidda, September 8,  2019  12:10pm EST

    Hi  my husband sees 2 of everything he had bleed due to a malfunctioning vessel that ruptured. He thinks it’s meds  he is taking . Any help or suggestions for us.

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, September 11,  2019  9:40am EST

    Good morning Vidda, I can share the resources we have on this topic with you, Visual Disturbances.  I am curious about what your husband's doctor says about the dual vison? Thanks, Katie

  • itsonjohn
    itsonjohn, November 11,  2019  12:50pm EST

    Interesting. 6 weeks ago, I had a stroke and it has left me without peripheral vision on my left side, but no other symptoms.  Since then, I have been doing the round of doctor referrals but am getting concerned that I may not be getting the correct advice or treatment. 

    Mathew, I haven't even heard of a Neuro Opthamologist, until now. Because it was an ischemic stroke, I was told, by the doctors in New Zealand, where I had the stroke, to see my primary care doctor; which I did, and my cardiologist; to persue the cause of the blockage. Primary care doctor seemed to think a neurologist was redundant as any healing would just take time. The cardiologist found a stenosis of the left vertebral artery and referred me to a vascular surgeon; also doing a TEE to inspect a possible heart irregularity. 

    At this point, I am really unsure of what the appropriate treatment steps are but, until the TEE and Vascular examinations are done, I an going to put these other "specialists" on ice as they appear to each be focused on their narrow area and, in some cases, not concurrent.

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