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DolphinWrite, February 2,  2019  3:32pm EST

Whether to Change

Hello.  I didn't know if this was a topic people could share.  My ha happeed last July while cycling.  Good genes but high cholesterol and stressful job.  Ef 30.  The first was an 8 day stay as the ha hit hard and my cardiologist was surprised I had survived:  realized later he was not the man and have a new cardiologist with a better bedside manner.  He got me in rehab, and I wondered why the first never did for 10 weeks.  I walk everyday 1.5 to 4 miles.  I cycle 3x a week, mostly, up to 11 miles.  Active during the days, but stI'll not working because I know how stressful it can be and I don't want an internal defibrialto which both really recommend because it''s the latest invention. Will see my cardiologist next week and I hope there''s improvement in my ejection fraction as I exercise nearly everyday and can push it with no abnormal heart rhythm.  I've had a vest defibrillator and it''s never been needed: never gone off.  I'm wondering how others feel about another surgery for an internal defibrillator: pros and cons, the limitations on activities, and medicines that can improve ejection fractions.  I've been on digoxin, midrodrine, ferosemide, brillinta, spironolactone since day 1.  No changes.  Due to the spironolactone, it drope BP which is why the midrodrine, so BP is around 103/72.  However, after the last med for the day, withoUT the spironolactone, BP is often 120/80.  I don't want a defibrilator, but I know a couple people happy with theres.  I'm only 54 and want to continue an active life.  I appreciate words of advice and wisdom.  I'd rather other procedures/ med to improve.  

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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, February 3,  2019  10:28am EST

    Hi DolphinWrite,

    Not sure about the defrib and what limitations it could present but generally speaking exercise is good for the heart and will help your EF as I have preached often. I have a friend who has a defrib and seems to be fine with it but he doesn't exercise very often. You are doing the right thing there and it always helps to have the support and encouragement of your cardiologist. 120/80 is about what my own blood pressure is and my cardiologist seems to be fine with that. Keep up the active life style! 54 is young! I'm 63 and had my event at 56 and have continued to be active ever since.

    Good luck!


  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, February 6,  2019  9:26am EST

    Good morning, I can share the information we have on implantable devices in hopes that helps with your research and decision making. I know sometimes it can be super hard to figure out the next best step. You are doing the right things by asking questions and talking to your doctors. What are your thoughts on a second opinion? Would that help you? Best Katie 

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