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AmbassadorC, June 7,  2020  7:54pm EST

What is your challenge?

Good evening heart warriors, 

I hope his finds you all in continued good health and safety. Truly, these are trying and stressful times for our country when we more often than not, are uncertain of what tomorrow may bring. Having said that, as our city begins to reopen and gradually phase back into some semblance of “normal” I wanted to share a quote that I recently came across.

Challenges are what make life interesting, overcoming them is what makes them meaningful. Joshua Marine 

While I think we can all agree that each of us has faced many challenges these past few months, I still find myself trying to makes sense of overcoming some obstacles as we try to move forward. As reopening is in place, it feels as thou we have even more challenges to face  as we were used to being under stay at home orders. No longer are there quick trips to a grocery store or pharmacy . Now, we must be armed with a mask to enter a store, observe one way isle restrictions and 6 feet apart in line. Don’t forget the hand sanitizer! We are in a constant state of adapting and over coming, much like we, as heart patients are used to doing in order to adapt to our new normal. 

As we gradually all move into reopening phases, I invite you to reflect on how have overcoming your obstacles become meaningful to you? I’m hopeful that when we look back at this moment, we can share with our children’s children the stories of how we survived this unchartered course in history.  

In closing, another quote that I recently saw provides some great iinspo as we move forward in these new times “Life is like a camera. Focus on what's important. Capture the good times. Develop from the negatives. And if things don't work out, just take another shot” 

Keep on fighting heart warriors❣️ Never give up❤️🙏🏻 We will get through this together. 

Ambassador C 

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