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AmbassadorC, March 19,  2019  10:40pm EST

To Fitbit or Not ? what is your inspo?

Good evening Heart Warriors!  

As we are just about mid quarter, checking in to see how you all are doing with your Inspo for 2019.  Here in the Midwest, we are finally looking up to Spring around the corner.  That said, we can't quite put away the heavy coats, hats, scarves, boots and gloves as any true Midwesternern can attest to, that there will undoubtedly be 1 more snow fall and with it, the uncertainty it brings.  I'm still donning my hat and gloves as the mornings are still under 30 but the day time highs are reaching above 40 but under 50.  Layers, layers, layers.  

If you are like me, and experiencing the feeling of Spring in the air, I'm looking forward to kicking that workout back into high gear.  While the winter may have kept us indoors and at half our potential for work outs, it's time to kick it up a notch.  Which brings me to my question for the community, Do you Fitbit or Not?  Recently, I have been asked as a heart patient, how I feel about the ability to "track" my heart rate with the newly released tracking technology. 

So.....How do you feel, as a heart patient, about the ability to monitor your heart rate, resting heart rate, heart rate zones, and cardio fitness level 24/7? Are you inspired to do so?  

Keep on kicking, one heart beat at a time! 

Ambassador C

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, March 21,  2019  9:27am EST

    Oh, this is such a great question- but I am coming from a totally different perspective. I am in grad school for Marketing & Communications and my current class is focused on emerging media and ethics. Or in normal speak, what are the practical applications of health apps, like Fit Bit and ethical considerations about the data collected and patient safety and privacy. 

    Personally, I am not a super big fan of fit bits, not because I am worried about data safety, but because I do not take the time to learn how to use them. I spend all day on a computer or my phone, either for work, school or pleasure. The act of tracking, reading and evaluating just seems too much to me sometimes. 

    What about everyone else?  What do you think? Are Fit Bits in your repertoire of condition management?  Thanks Katie 

  • AmbassadorC
    AmbassadorC, March 21,  2019  9:13pm EST

    Thank you Katie! This is a great consideration to the other side of the equation in terms of data protection AND the part of once you are “hooked up” or dialed into an app, it becomes part of our daily routine. So what do we, as heaet patients, do with the data that is literally at our fingertips? 

     Questions like, is the information accurate?, at what point do I share this with my health care team, or how long do I wait to see a pattern of activity before I push the panic button, run through my mind as a heart patient. 

    Like you, I feel that act of tracking, evaluating and reading, left to an artificial intelligence, somewhat gives me pause. My question to the heart warriors in our community, is what has your experience been? If you are a Fitbit user, has the information been useful in opening up a dialogue between you and your health care team? How does your health care team feel about the data? 

    With heart, 

    Ambassador C 

  • zndrby
    zndrby, March 25,  2019  1:56pm EST

    Great question and feedback.  Most people do not calibrate their fitbits or apples.

    I picked a Fitbit Alta HR about 2 months old at a grat price and use it for HR only.  Like other technology, there is a difference between the ranges on these watches and actual monitors.  So, some people may say it isnt working.   I use it for see my range and knowing they are off and it seems to be consistent. 

    I am ont worried about privacy, but do use the intelligence if there is a question with my primary and cardioloigists.  They are pretty telling when ont feeling well.

    Hope this helps and the feedback when you ask someone why they are using a fitbit or apple get very interesting.

    Thanks and either option yes or no to fitbit or apple works! 

    Keep on moving.

  • rodneylynn77
    rodneylynn77, April 17,  2019  11:24am EST

    I really like having mine, its provides the help and motivation I need.  I can see what my friends are doing and I can try to keep pace with them...

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