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boldknight, November 17,  2018  4:21pm EST

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Hello All!

I started a cardio diet at Mayo Clinic three years ago and lost 100 lbs, changed diet to vegetables and fruit, did cardio exercises 40 mins/day, too ace inhibitors, aspirin and HCTZ and my resting heart rate was 49 and BP 105/60  I never smoked and don’t drink alcohol 

I was shocked two week ago to have chest pain and wound up in the ER and spent 4 days in the Cardiac unit and had a stent put in my LAD. I had no heart damage, but was told I was hours away from a fatal event. 

I start Cardiac Rehab next week and am told to continue my diet and eventually back to cycling again 

My Cardiology team explained had I not been on the Diet and exercise plan Mayo prescribed, I probably would not be here. They said there was no way to stop what was going to happen as the damage and process started years before. They said I had “Dodged a Bullet!”

its so frustrating to have worked so hard for three years and yet have this happen. The Good news is all my other heart arteries are perfect with no plaque. It was just that one 22mm area at the start of the LAD

As a new member, I’m glad to be here knowing how close I came to not being here. I’m on Plavix,Lipitor,aspirin,HVTZ, potassium and COQ10. I wonder how long I’ll have to be on Plavix?  I know for at least a year, but for life? I wonder about having dental work like cleaning or fillings, I worry about excessive bleeding. I did have an EKG yesterday with my Cardiologist and it was perfect and he just said to finish Rehab and come back to discuss more then. My BP has been from 116/60 to 84/54. Seems low, but I feel OK?


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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, November 18,  2018  1:44pm EST

    Hello and welcome to the support network. We are happy you've joined! I can absolutely relate to your experience! I have always taken care of myself my entire adult life in terms of physical exercise and while my diet was not as good as yours, it certainly wasn't abusive to my body. I also have no family history of heart disease so when I was dignosed with coronary artery disease requiring a quintuple bypass operation, I was stunned! People who know me reacted the same way. One friend told me if you have heart disease, I'm in trouble. So who knows why this happens? I for one have always been thankful that these conditions are treatable. You have done all you can do and I wouldn't change that at all.

    I was told the same thing as you were about how important it is that I've taken care of myself. One nurse in the hospital recognizing I was an emotional wreck told me that I have a heart condition and am otherwise healthy. She said doctors like working on patients that have taken care of themselves because they will continue to do so during and after recovery. Another physician's assistant told me that I probably bought 10 years by being physically active. It's been 7 years and I still do that as much as I can so I would recommend the same for you. I understand your frustration but put that behind you and look forward to your recovery and beyond. The cardiac rehab is an excellent start to your recovery and will get you back on your road to getting yourself back into good physical condition. Make the most of it! 

    I too was on Plavix as well as Lisinopril and Crestor. I was taken off Plavix after a year as it was no longer necessary. Eventually I was weaned off of Lisinopril as well. I am now on Crestor and a baby aspirin. Am also taking CoQ10 and Omega 3 but this is my own doing. You will have some additional bleeding but it's not excessive. But you'll notice the difference. Just let everyone know what medications you are on before any treatment.

    I wish you the best in your recovery and your road to good health!


  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, November 19,  2018  9:12am EST

    Welcome to the Support Network. We are so glad that you are here and sharing your story! Best Katie 

  • joseadansoto
    joseadansoto, April 23,  2019  7:01pm EST

    Hey there Bold Knight 

    I some what feel the same, i was full of anger, speacially when my doctors own words was that i had gotten an "old man disease", little does he know that heart disease does not discriminate age i was 32 and i'm 10 months post HA. i wasnt lucky,and like most of us in here we have some level of damage. keep at it to your diet and dont feel discourage, all of this may overwhealm you and all the meds you are taking, but it is always best to look at the brightside you caught it early. You made a huge progress to loose 100pds, way to go!! dont stop there!! 

    Best wishes heart warrior!



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