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DolphinWrite, February 17,  2019  2:29am EST

Changing the Future

I know much had been said, but I like to go straight to sources and speak very forward when something like this is on the line.  I've learned most heart attack patents don't change, and if the do, not much or enough.  A heart friendly diet, consistently; rehab which 80% never attend, continued exercise, smoking less and drinking less or not at all, and reducing stress.  Worry does not help, so seeking a pastor, therapist, and friends who listen can help.  I even heard many smokers continue or smoke more.  I've always exercised, then after, made it my mission to focus on rehab and proper exercising, changing my diet quite a bit.  I still smoke 4-5 cigarettes a day, but hope to quit.  A lady told me smoking 1 cigarette is like smoking 10.  So I suggested that I should smoke 10, so it would be like 1.  I still think less is better.  Here''s the thing.  They wanted an icd, but now, there''s no more talk about it.  The numbers have significantly improved.  Thus far, following 90% of the advice, energy is much higher and the numbers are good.  I hope all of the reader's know how much of your recovery is in your hands.  I thank God for my recovery.  God bless. 

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  • EMON1
    EMON1, March 7,  2019  10:37pm EST

    1st, the reason we're on so many pills is for just the reason you stated, people have a very hard time changing diet and exercise habits. 2nd, being a heavy smoker of over 35yrs when I had my HA I was eager to find a 'reduction in smoking compromise', with all the cold turkey cravings I was having. TRUST ME, I researched this; if you or me or anyone whose had a MI smokes as much as even ONE cigarette a week, there is a very good chance of dying within a year! The numbers are there. SHOCKING I know, sobering, yes! YOU MUST QUIT IMMEDIATELY, [My lungs were quite clear prior to my attack, what I didn't realize was I was killing my heart]

  • yarn007
    yarn007, April 11,  2019  10:23pm EST

    God Bless you too DolphinWrite

  • EllenGlynn
    EllenGlynn, April 14,  2019  6:18am EST

    I was talking about this the other day to my family. I know several people who have had heart attacks and yet their lifestyle has never changed. They eat whatever they want plus and still drink, smoke brother is a fine example. He feels he is turning 72 and he may as well enjoy what he wants. WOW. A neighbour too feels if he dies 5 years sooner..oh well.. Double wow. This has scared the hell out of me and I will do anything and everything to never go through this again and maybe even feel better! It has only been 2 weeks for me and I know in years to come or even months I may stray off my diet a little bit but I plan on enjoyng my life as healthy as I can from here on. Good luck with quitting smoking Dolphinwrite. I have never smoked but I understand it is hard to quit. Be strong.

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