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Sarypoopins, October 12,  2020  12:00pm EST

Cardiac Rehab

I'm 3 wks post open heart for an AAA and just got notified about getting referred for Cardiac Rehab. However, my doc/hospital isn't offering it because of Covid. Is there a youtube channel or something out there that I could do virtually?

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, October 13,  2020  9:17am EST

    Good morning, 

    I am so sorry that you can not get the face-to-face rehab work that you need. We have a great deal of information on getting physically active, both after a heart event and just for general health. My concern is that three weeks post open heart surgery, you will need a special workout plan for your specific circumstances. 

    Here are the links to what we have. However, PLEASE call your cardiologist and see if they can help you determine what exercise is safe at this time and how you can slowly build your strength. 

    Cardiac Rehab


    Move More Together

    Fitness Basics

    Please know that we are here with you to help and support you on this journey. 

    Best Katie

  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, October 14,  2020  7:42pm EST

    Katie is right. There are limitations during your recovery for the first few weeks. I didn't start rehab until about six weeks after heart surgery because they didn't want me lifting any weights while my sternum was healing. This is something you have to be very careful with. After I started, I was given very specific instructions about how to approach rehab in terms of building up my strength. Definitely get the approval from your cardiologist if you go an alternative route. I would look into a private rehab facility as they might offer a cardiac rehab program. You may also want to consult with one of the physical therapists about the proper exercises you could be doing. At any rate, don't do anything without talking to your doctor first!

    Good luck!


  • cchoughton
    cchoughton, October 19,  2020  8:49am EST

    yes you can find vids on you tube, just type in cardio rehab and they are mostly breathing exercises. good luck, ive been doing them and it works but im still haveing breathing issues.

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