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TEAMGUZMAN, May 21,  2018  8:36am EST

Raises Hand!

I have a question! When I was released from the hospital, I did not receive any information as far as a support network or local group I could connect with. I only recieved my discahrge instructions. Did any of you recieve a pamphlet to the Support Network here at the AHA Website? 

Please share how you found the Support Network!

Thank you, Toni 

2 Replies
  • AshlynnW
    AshlynnW, July 30,  2018  2:11pm EST

    Hi! When I received my stroke diagnosis I received a series of pamphlets, and one of them was for this organisation. I looked into each of the organisations I received info for and found that this one is the best for me.

    I hope your recovery is going well!! It’s been years since my stroke, and in that time, I have undergone multiple therapies and have since made a full recovery.  

  • KyleeFowler
    KyleeFowler, March 13,  2020  5:21am EST

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