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Dwashburn, February 17,  2020  10:44am EST


Is there a Awareness Ribbon for PAD? Or a Symbol used to identify PAD?

I have PAD and for the past 9years I've been in Surgery 7 times with the 8th time being next week  .

My family wants to make Shirts to Show support and awareness for PAD.


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  • Elizabeth17
    Elizabeth17, February 17,  2020  11:02am EST

    Hi! I am a National Volunteer Spokeswoman for Go Red For Women. I advocate for PAD Awareness as I too am a survivor living with PAD.

    There is no ribbon for PAD specifically as it falls under the umbrella of cardiovascular disease, which would be represented by the color RED. So if they wanted to do ribbons it would be a red one.

    September is National PAD Awareness Month.

    That is so awesome that your family is supporting you in this way!! If you family is active on social media have them post pictures and use a hashtag like #PADawareness!

    You can also raise awareness by directing people to heart.org/PAD to learn about the disease. If you are active on facebook be sure and join the group #GoRedGetFit and post your pictures and stories there!

    Best of luck with your next surgery! Keep us posted on how you are doing!

    Elizabeth Beard

  • Dwashburn
    Dwashburn, February 17,  2020  2:39pm EST


  • Elizabeth17
    Elizabeth17, February 17,  2020  2:49pm EST

    That ribbon was copyrighted by Becton, Dickinson and Company (C.R.Bard) in 2018 - Love your Limbs was a PAD awareness campaign sponsored by that company. You may run across several different campaigns sponsored by different companies. 

    I hope that helps!


  • Elizabeth17
    Elizabeth17, February 17,  2020  2:54pm EST

    Stay in Circulation was the first National Awareness Campaign for PAD and it was sponsored by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI). I think it was launched in 2006. 

  • Dwashburn
    Dwashburn, February 17,  2020  3:01pm EST

    Ok Thank you.. 

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