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tc1975, March 9,  2020  12:59pm EST

PAD at young age

I was diagnosed with PAD at 34 and now I am 44 and it seems one of my stents is blocked. SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Elizabeth17
    Elizabeth17, March 9,  2020  2:42pm EST

    I bet that is scary! I didn't have stents I had a bi-femoral aorta bypass done because my blockage was severe and high up in my Aorta and Femoral Arteries. They told me if I never smoked again and lived a healthy lifestyle it would last many years. May 1st will be 7 years for me.

    34 is really young for PAD did you have risk factors like smoking, diabetes or family history? What are their plans for you?

  • tc1975
    tc1975, March 10,  2020  7:46am EST

    I started somoking at a yong age and also have family history. My original vascular surgeon retired and my new surgeon told me that it was up to me on what i wanted to do. he told me if it is not affecting my lifestyle that I could leave it alone. Or try resten or bypass. He really was not much helpful and I am trying to get a second opinion. Just nervous!!

  • Elizabeth17
    Elizabeth17, March 10,  2020  9:25am EST

    Me too - I started smoking at 18 and smoked for 35 years. I quit in 2012 for good. (After about the 20th try lol) I've lost my whole family to cardiovascular disease except one brother and he has had two heart surgeries. 

    I hate losing doctors. My original surgeon retired too, but I was lucky to find a new one that I really like. He does an ABI on me yearly and lets me know where I stand. I have no desier to redo that bypass that is for dang sure - that was a rough one. I think at your age if you don't smoke anymore and walk most days you should do pretty good - or at least it will help keep you where you are at and not let the disease progress. I'm always looking for new ways to help my PAD. There is not alot of information out their for patients that is for sure.

    Keep us posted on your situation! Try to stay calm - I know its hard, but it will help you make better decisions! 


    Elizabeth Beard

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