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XuanLoc, March 6,  2021  5:26am EST

Introducing Myself

I'm Harry.  81 y.o. Runner & swimmer.  Diagnosed w AFib in September 2020.  Ablation in December. Now on eliquis, MulTaq & metoprolol.  Now in bradycardia w pulse rate after exercise 50-47.  
After ablation, electro physiologist said I still had some active cells in area of AV node. Pretty severe arrhythmia until about 3 weeks ago.  So I gave serious consideration to Medtronic MICRA AV pacemaker & ablation of the AV node.  EP said we could do it, but second opinions said to wait.

Now much better, walking 25 minutes daily, finally sleeping better, doing KardiaMobile daily:  bradycardia but normal.  In watchful waiting mode.  

Anyone w experience w Medtronic MICRA trans catheter implanted, -- 2nd generation is called the MICRA AV --  I would love to hear from you.

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, March 6,  2021  6:36pm EST

    Hello there, 

    Thank you for joining the Support Network and sharing your story. We are glad you are here! 

    Take care, 

    AHA Moderator 

  • XuanLoc
    XuanLoc, April 4,  2021  7:33pm EST

    Almost a month since I posted about the Medtronic MICRA AV.  I'm amazed that no one has responded.  With the all millions of AFib patients, don't know how many may be members here, but this a technology -- and Medtronic is one of the most respect names in medicine -- whose time certainly has come. If you google it you will see the MICRA  trans catheter procedure is being used by every major cardio hospital--Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Stamford, Texas Medical, thes goes on. For MedlinePlus, Iseem to be getting better, but when I read about the mult ablations and cardio versions people have to endure, I have to wonder, what I I missing?  Why isn't this the game changer that it would seem to be?  Maybe because the AV version is so relativ new.

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