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vintagetj59, November 22,  2020  11:37am EST


I was diagnosed with P.A.D. about 2-3 years ago, but the doctor at the ER would not help me because i have no health insurance or no steady income, all the nurses in the hospital freaked out because they said if i did not get a stint or treatment i would die, well since then its got way worse and no doctor will help me unless i can pay which i can not, so looks like its up to the good lord as how long i have, my heart is strong, but the ''pad'' is taking its toll on me, I am 61 man, no family, no friends, nobody cares, this Doctor would not even put it on paper that i have it, if he or another would i could get dis-ability which would help some, without that or help i will die, its just a shame nobody cares.

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, November 23,  2020  9:40am EST

    Good morning, I am so sorry that this has been your experience.

    I am very surprised the hospital sent you away without treatment. Are there other hospitals in your area? I know where I live we have a few big hospital systems, one private system, and then two hospitals that take all patients regardless of insurance.

    I have three possible resources for you as well.  I wanted to suggest that you check out the Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) at  The PAF is a national non-profit organization that serves as an active liaison between the patient and their insurer, employer and/or creditors to resolve insurance, job retention and/or debt crisis matters relative to their diagnosis through case managers, doctors, and attorneys. PAF seeks to safeguard patients through effective mediation assuring access to care, maintenance of employment, and preservation of their financial stability.

    Another option is to contact the Patient Advocacy Network (PAN) at  for assistance.

    United Way’s 211 program is a free, confidential referral and information helpline and website that connects people of all ages and from all communities to the essential health and human services they need, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can get more information at

    I hope one of these options is helpful to you. Please let us know how things progress.

    Best Katie


  • vintagetj59
    vintagetj59, November 23,  2020  8:06pm EST

    Thank i will check them out, no only 2 hospitals near me really, neither will help me without lots of cash, I am limited to travel, my bp is alway off the chart high, last visit took 8 hours to get my bp down, nobody will help, thanks for the reply, Tim

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