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pheaney1, October 17,  2019  5:54pm EST

Valve Decision For 44 year Old Man Who Loves Beer: Mechanical or Bio

Well, I just learned my aortic valve stenosis has now reached the point I need an aortic valve replacement (I was born bicuspid).  I suspect they will graft the aorta too (dialated 4.4).  Suregry will be set up in next few months.  My cardiologist is pushing a mechanical valve, but I have several misgivings about thinners.  I am a beer drinker. I normally consume 2 beers a day monday-thursday.  Friday nights I have 5-6.  Maybe 4 on Saturday.  And 2-3 Sunday.  Would it be safe to continue this much consumption on thinners?  What about if I go with On-X valve? 

I am also very active and enjoy downhill skiing, cross country skiing, water skiing and running.

Thank you

5 Replies
  • Doeds
    Doeds, October 17,  2019  7:54pm EST

    Well I love the honesty, you drink beer like I eat Chinese buffet.   I had the Inspiris Resilia- bovine tissue aortic valve implanted Dec 2018.  I was 48 at the time and about as active as you could get competing in about every type of endurance race from triathlons, 18 hour canoe races, and 50 km xc ski races to name a few.  I didn’t want mechanical.  Prior to surgery I was on blood thinners for blood clots and the thinners just drained my energy.  So far this 2019 has been pretty good.  I do have days where I feel aches and pains and wonder if this is it, but I’m still very active and all my check ups have been good.  The only real lifestyle change is I really watch my sodium intake so my Chinese buffet tours have ceased.  Time will tell if I made the right decision with a tissue valve.  Good luck with your decision and cheers!  Scott Doederlein

  • AmbassadorC
    AmbassadorC, October 18,  2019  5:13am EST

    Good morning and welcome to the support network, 

    While I cannot speak to a mechanical valve, as I  had a repair to my mitral valve I can relate to my brief stint of about 1.5 years on warfarin. I can say that alcohol interaction when on thinners can become dangerous as it is imperative to understand how to monitor your INR levels. That said, there are also other thinners on the market  now that have progressed other than Warfarin that I was taking where my monitoring was more frequent. Here is link specially to Warfarin (with the reference you don’t have an arrhythmia that you are aware of)  just to give you a frame of reference to start your research and gather your questions for your cardio. Warfarin

     My final words of encouragement is that as heart patients we must be mindful of a heart healthy lifestyle. This includes adjusting to our new normal once we are treated. While you may need to make some modifications, your life does not have to be limited by heart disease. 

    Keep on fighting with heart, 

    Ambassador C ❤️

  • pheaney1
    pheaney1, October 18,  2019  10:08am EST

    Thanks.  I've been researching the new Inspiris Resilia valve.  It sounds promising.  I need to make sure my surgery center offers it. 

  • PeggyB
    PeggyB, February 25,  2020  11:01pm EST

    What did you decide to do and how do you feel about your decision? I am a 53 year old female who was having fatigue, bloating and breathing issues that became extreme quite suddenly in December 2019.  In January 2020 I learned I have severe mitral regurgitation and stenosis along with severe regurgitation of the tricuspid valve. I'm scheduled April 7th for surgery and am struggling to make a decision between a mechanical or bovine valve. Like you, I enjoy my adult beverages once in awhile and occasionally may over indulge. There are so many concerns with the warfarin but I also don't want to be going through this again in 4 to 10 years. I do a lot of outdoor activities and am accident prone by nature which often results in cuts and bruises. I also enjoy my green veggies. I'm much more distressed over choosing the valve than I am about the surgery. I'd love to have honest input and am more than aware that choosing a natural valve simply to maintain my current lifestyle is somewhat selfish. I'm just trying to be honest about the facts. Thank you. 


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