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heartmiracle, October 28,  2019  6:27am EST

Top Places to get expert opinions on heart valve issues

I'm focused on finding the top places for getting a second-opinion about if one can get an aortic valve REPAIRED - as opposed to replaced. In my opinion, a repair-focused doctor is always my choice - as it preserves your heart's natural structure.


One of the best resources I've found online is this:




Can anyone list any other TOP cardiologists or resources that also give second-opinion consultations?


As a background of myself, I was recently examined and said to have aortic regurgitation. The cardiologist says that this aortic valve cannot be repaired because 1 of the 3 leaflets is no longer working, even though the other 2 leaflets still work fine. I was really hoping it could simply be repaired and not need to be replaced.


Thanks everyone!

6 Replies
  • Birdiecock
    Birdiecock, October 28,  2019  7:07am EST

    I would start here.  heartvalvesurgery.com.  They have a list of surgeons you can choose from.  And lots of advice. 

  • BasinBoy25
    BasinBoy25, October 28,  2019  2:13pm EST

    Good morning heartmiracle--

    I can vouch for getting a second opinion from the Cleveland Clinic.  The whole process of getting a second opinon from their organization is first rate.  I sent off all of the required information and received great feedback from their doctor.  I too had questions about if my bi-cuspid valve could be repaired or would need to be replaced.  They indicated to me that it is a case-by-case decision and that it is a surgeon's decision, not the cardiologist.  I hope this dosen't frustrate you, but they indicated to me that there was no way to know if a valve could be replaced or repaired until the surgeon was in there doing his/her magic.  I know Cleveland said they would recommend (or prefer or suggest) repair over replace.  But at least from looking at my file, they couldn't tell me which way the surgery would go for sure before hand.  Best of luck with your research and best wishes for a happy, healthy heart.

  • pacelarryw
    pacelarryw, October 28,  2019  10:27pm EST

    Heartmiracle,  I pray everything works out well for you.  Your post caught my attention, My experience comes from the other side of the heart,  I had an invasive mitral repair in 2012 at age 45.  My cardiologist monitored the valve well over 12 years before the valve finally needed repair/replace.  2 months ago (7 years after repair) the valve failed again without warning.  
    I had invasive heart valve replacement on Oct 7th with a mechanical valve.  Getting stronger and feeling better each day.  

    I wish I had done the valve replacement on the first round.  I completely understand you wanting to preserve the hearts original structure.  I was told my repair would last forever and it did not.  So I am recovery from open heart surgery #2 at age 52.  Sure, getting the INR levels and figuring out what foods work with warfarin has its challenges but I feel a lot better after after the full replacement than I ever did after the repair. 

    Good luck, I respect your decision, keep us posted on how things are progressing. 

  • afibabit
    afibabit, October 29,  2019  1:30pm EST

    When I had mine replaced, the surgeon said there was a 25 percent chance he could repair instead of replace. He decided to replace once he got in there. That would seem to mean that in most cases, you would need a second surgeon present during surgery to give his opinion, which wouldn't be feasible.  

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