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Meme21, March 16,  2021  7:31pm EST

TOF valve replacement

Had my yearly echo on heart from surgery I had in 2019 January of heart valve replacement I have the pig or cow valve I believe I should have asked my doctor but I forgot,when they told me the said this valve should last for a while as I'm an adult now and it's a much bigger valve but as of two years since replacement my doctor said every thing looks good but she just said normal leakage and narrowing? I asked he and she said it's normal BUT I guess I wanted to know is that normal for it to leak and have narrowing only 2 years after replacement??? I'm just curious I guess like people that have to replace them will we always have sight narrowing a leakage even from the jump of replacement? When I asked her she just said it's normal because they obviously don't last forever but I guess I wanted to ask her is that normal just after 2 year remind u nothing is wrong she said everything looked good I'm just personally Curious thank u guys if u have feed back 

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, March 17,  2021  8:56am EST

    Good morning,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with the community. I hope you are able to establish meaningful connections and hear from others who have gone through similar situations! Unfortunately, I am not a medical professional, but I can recommend some reading material on Types of Replacement Heart Valves and Newer Heart Valve Surgery Options.

    Please keep us updated on how you are feeling!

    Best Wishes,

    AHA Moderator

  • alex2021
    alex2021, March 30,  2021  8:19pm EST

    hi! i also have TOF. i just had my 2nd pulmonary valve replacement 4 weeks ago... this was 13 years after my first one.  mine have been cow tissue also. for me, some small amount of leakage and backflow have always been normal, even with newer valves. i don't think i've ever been told there is zero leakage. as time went on after my 1st valve replacement, i started hearing about more increasing leakage and lessening valve function. we didn't start talking about monitoring more closely for next valve until maybe 8-9 years in. but today, i believe the valves last even longer.

    so you also mention narrowing. is that of your pulmonary artery?  i know a narrow pulmonary artery is a TOF characteristic too, in addition to the faulty valve. i personally had a very narrow pulmonary artery, and had a stent implanted to widen the artery, also 13 years ago. that was done through a catheterization procedure, not surgery. so what i'm wondering is perhaps if the narrowing you're told about is referring to something other than your new valve.  maybe you can ask if your pulmonary artery is narrowing.  that wouldn't have been corrected with the valve replacement.

    i hope what i tell you is at least a little helpful.. good luck and never hesitate to ask more questions!!

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