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Rugerman7, September 17,  2019  10:23am EST

Surgery soon

I'm going in for heart valve replacement and double bypass surgery next tuesday.  I have to admit, I'm a little anxious.  I know I have a great team, great faith, and family support yet I still feel alone with all that is going on.  They are going through my sternum.  It happenned so fast.  I had a TIA back in June and and after some tests they found the severe stenosis of the vavle and some minor blockages in other places.  It is very sureal.  Seems like just 6 months ago I was taking long walks and working out now it's a struggle to walk a block.  I hope I get some relief from the surgery.

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  • dk21015
    dk21015, September 17,  2019  11:25am EST

    After passing out when I lifted some heavy objects my doctor told me was time to have my bicuspid aortic valve with stenosis replaced. I had been anticipating this for the last 12 years. My replacement was done this past July. I went with the tissue replacement valve. The surgery was like closing your eyes and suddenly waking up in CICU. I spent 7 days in the hospital. I never had any pain in the area of the surgery. My only pain has been back pain which I'm told can be from spreading my ribs apart. It seems to be slowly getting better. I was given instructions for walking, working up from slow 5 minute walks to eventually 60 minute brisk walks. I am up to 25 minute brisk walks and feel great afterwards. I'm not huffing and puffing after the walks. I feel like I could lift heavy weights but I'm still restricted. I didn't have any bipasses so i don't know what the recovery is like from the site where they take the vein. It may restrict your walking. If your insurance covers it get the home nurse and physical therapy people to make a few visits. They can be helpful and assuring. Best wishes on your surgery and recovery.

  • Rugerman7
    Rugerman7, September 17,  2019  1:05pm EST

    Thank your for the insight.  My wife is young and retired.  I'm only 56 she is 52.  So I will have someone with me all of the time during my recovery and believe me, she will ensure that I follow the doctor's orders.  I'm have the new Inspiris Resila bovine valve.  It lasts longer than a typical tissue valve.  Good to know that I am getting good parts.  My surgery is the day after my birthday.  I look at it as a rebirth to keep me motivated.  

  • dk21015
    dk21015, September 17,  2019  1:41pm EST

    My wife was like that too for the first few weeks. Wouldn't let me do anything. It was nice being spoiled.

    The nurses, techs and staff at the hospital were great too. You just have to throw modesty out the window though.

  • dk21015
    dk21015, September 17,  2019  1:47pm EST

    I have the bovine valve also. You know they send you a card to carry in your wallet that has the model number, serial number and everything. It says you have an implanted device.

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