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Meme21, January 31,  2019  8:22pm EST

Sad after surgery...

just had heart vale replaced, but I feel sad I feel like nothing hasn’t changed much... my back still hurts, feel like I have to take deep breath here and there, i know it’s onlt been barely two weeks but some people said you would feel fresher you would notice right away well I don’t...the scary part is think the vale is rejecting, I hear a clicking nose wich is what I heard when I was to tired b4 surgery....have a check up Monday and it’s a pig vale I just hope my vale isn’t being rejected 

  • BL1970
    BL1970, February 2,  2019  3:11pm EST

    Meme 21,

    My friend,

    I am a survivor of three open heart surgeries, the first one waaaay back in 1968(the dinosaurs were extinct by then, just saying).

    I had a prosthetic aortic heart valve implant in 1976. Talk about clicking!! That click is assuring to me. It means its working!

    But it took awhile to get used to it. I felt afraid, sad, confused and I too was distrustful of my new valve.

    It tool quite awhile to heal as well. Your body has been through a traumatic event. But I will tell you your feelings are normal, and I will add I was in hospital for weeks, in 1976, before the doctors felt comfortable to realease me.

    People mean well when they say you will feel fresher, but your body and your emotions BOTH need to adjust to the changes. We here at this site are good resourses for sharing our own stories and offering real support for real situations.

    After such a traumatic event, holy car, my body felt it went through a train wreck. Your body is healing, as long as it takes,'

    and it WILL heal!. The heart itself is an amazing organ. It too is adjusting to this new addition, and I think it will. At your young age ( I am 61), you may be placing a little too much demands on your self.

    BTY in 1968 I was in the hospital for six weeks! but times were very different back then, and it is amazing how far cardiac surgery has soared since then!

    I would urge you give this brand new change some time. Be patient. It sounds like your body is doing what it needs to do.

    In Peace,

    Ken Levine BL1970

  • AmbassadorC
    AmbassadorC, February 2,  2019  6:58pm EST


    I wanted to reach out and share some insight re my recovery from open heart surgery to repair a leaking valve. Fear not, as you are among a community of heart warriors that join you in your battle of recovery. They have all provided wonderful words of encouragement and I join them In saying, be patient with yourself. When I was gathering my lists of questions for my surgeon, among the top questions was when can I resume my “normal” lifestyle? I wanted to get this done and over like there was no tomorrow. That said, I was told anywhere between 8-12 weeks. I thought to myself, great! I’m on the healthy end of the spectrum and I’ll bounce back in 8. Well, much to my surprise, it was not the case, and I endured many post surgical complications. Looking back I now know why I wasn’t given a specific answer as to how long to my return of normal lifestyle. For you will find, as did I, that every “body” is different in terms of recovery.

    As many have previously posted, communication is first and foremost key with the surgical team. While I know you have an upcoming Dr apt this Monday, please do not be afraid to relate your symptoms and concerns. This will not only help alleviate your concerns on the physical level, it will help alleviate the emotional feelings that you may be expereiencing. Knowledge is power and fear of the unknown is what may be contributing to the overall sadness you are expereiencing. That said, I invite you to review the materials on the AHA heart valve education center if you have not done so already. There is a great milestone chart that may assist you with your upcoming appointment by encouraging a dialogue between you and your team. 

    Last, I would like to share with you my journey with the intention that it will provide you with comfort, knowing, that I too felt the same way the first few days post surgery. From my heart to yours, don’t give up and keep on fighting with heart❣️

    Ambassador C

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