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AmbassadorC, May 18,  2020  8:51pm EST

Resilience - What is your score?

Good evening heart warriors ❣️ I’m hopeful this finds everyone in contunued good health and well being. Today, I began my work week with attending a webinar on my lunch break. The title was Resilency in The Face Of Adversity. These days, it’s often hard to see any bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Days seems to blend together, and are there really weekends when it appears our daily activities seem to be the same regardless of what day it is. Among the feelings of uncertainty however, there does appear to be one buzz word that has been catching my ear lately. You guessed it Resilence! The term itself is rather intriguing as the first thought that comes to my mind is a rubber band. Just when a rubber band is stretched, it bounces back and takes shape. During the webinar, there were several references to dealing with the negative feelings we are all experiencing to a degree during this pandemic. The key however, is how will we “bounce back” as the world begins to take shape during the phased reopenings that are currently starting  to take affect.  Having said that, there was a slide that was shared that I found thought provoking. Clearly with the pandemic striking, we feel many doors have closed on multiple levels. Diving into the other part of the thought, we often look so long and regretfully upon the closed door, we do not see the one which has opened for us. Wow, is this powerful! This is where things get interesting, through my lens. For me personally, I find during the constant news cycles, the mundane days that blend together, to the repeated trips to the grocery store and essential errands, it is very easy to keep looking at how the world seemed to have closed so many doors and dwell on them. This is where a slight shift in focus can actually shape a new perspective and a new outlook. If we look for the doors that have opened, ie an opportunity to learn a new skill set, an opportunity to reconnect with old acquantainces, an opportunity to appreciate the sights and  sounds of nature or even the opportunity to try a new hobby, craft or way of exercising, we become resilient.  We no longer are focusing on those closed doors but instead, we begin to embrace the capacity to recover from the difficulties that CV-19 has thrown our way. I know we have a long way to go before we even reach, if we ever reach, a level of normalcy of how things used to be. I know the feelings of frustration, anger, fear, loneliness  and uncertainty are real. However, in shifting our focus as to what new doors have opened to us during this pandemic, somehow those feelings are a little easier to process. Think back to a difficult moment in your life and ask yourself, how did you overcome your obstacles? So heart warriors, 

                                    What is your ability to spring back into shape these days? 

As heart warriors, we know what it’s like to bounce back into a new normal. Keep on fighting each day during this pandemic with heart❣️ We are resilient and will bounce back, adapt and overcome to our new normal post CV-19, one heartbeat at a time. Stay healthy and stay strong. 

Ambassador C 

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