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BosKat, January 4,  2019  12:57pm EST

Recommendation for post-op wedge pillow

Hello -

I've read that it is recommended to have a wedge pillow/bed wedge post-operatively to sleep. Does anyone have recommendations for a specific brand/model?

Thank you!


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  • AmbassadorC
    AmbassadorC, January 4,  2019  6:04pm EST

    Good evening Boskat, 

    Great question. I received this recommendation from a catch lab nurse when I was getting cardio verted. This helped me when I was finally able to move from the recliner to the bed. That said, while I know you can likely order on amazon, I purchased mine through a local medical supply / old Tyme pharmacy. I didn’t realize this, but there are varying angels that they come in. My recommendation is that it is a personal preference. If you decide to buy, ask what the return policy is. Hope this helps. 

    Goid luck with your surgical preparation. 

  • BosKat
    BosKat, January 5,  2019  10:40am EST

    Thank you that is great advice! I will look for a home medical equipment store near me. 

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, January 7,  2019  9:32am EST

    Good morning, just wanted to wish you luck in your upcoming procedure. Best Katie 

    GoREDGAIL, January 7,  2019  1:24pm EST

    Hi Kara,


    The best of luck to you in your surgery. Right before the surgery,shut your eyes and visualize that everything went really well during and after the surgery. Visualize and tell your self that you are positive all will go well. Visualiziation and a positive outlook helps ❤️❤️❤️


    Life coach and National Go Red Spokesperson

    Go Red Gail

  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, January 7,  2019  7:48pm EST

    Hi Kara,

    A wedge pillow is a good idea and going to a local medical supply store is an excellent suggestion! When I was in the hospital, I found the only comfortable way to sleep was with the bed inclined upward. After I came home, I stacked three or four pillows under my torso and that seemed to work but not as well as the hospital bed.

    I wish you the best in your surgery and follow up recovery!


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