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Cathycobb68, April 22,  2020  10:00am EST

Question about MVP & Regurg

Good Morning-

I as diagnosed with MV Prolapse and Regurg in 2015 but it was mild so I was told to just keep an eye on it. I am 51 now and I excercise ( cardio, weights, etc. ) 5x a week, try to eat well and I am very petite framed and even do OrangeTheory which is all about heart rate going up an down. I had been pushing my internal medicine doctor to do an echo every year but she insisted that I go to every 2 years instead. I had one done in December and despite repeatedly asking for results, I just got them this week and was told that I have now progressed to Moderate and will have to go back to the cardiologist. I am scared to death and have been researchind and reading online about repair options. The online information is frightening so I am going to quite googling. Has anyone had surgery for a "moderate" regurgitation? I have a follow up with the cardiologist this friday but was wondering if the interpretation of "moderate" can vary or are their specific guidelines for that? I do not have any symptoms at all and was suprised to hear that I had gotten worse. 


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  • AmbassadorC
    AmbassadorC, April 22,  2020  9:29pm EST

    Good evening Cathycobb68 - 

    Welcome to the support network as you are among a group of heart warriors that will be your strength for the journey ahead. While it is very normal for your feelings and fears of the unknowns, I can relate to the googling of “what dies this all mean” and “now what”.  What I can assure you of, is that you have the benefit of this support group as well as the Heart Valve Educational Center that can hopefully provide some comfort to you as you seek to understand your diagnosis. What is very characteristic of valve disease is that often times people can be asymptomatic or even under diagnosed because valve disease can often times be confused with aging, or the everyday stresses of life. This is why it is imparitive to follow up with testing as often times these tests will help cardiogists determine if  the valve disease has progressed. You ask whether there are guidelines to determining moderate, moderate to severe and severe, and the answer is yes. However, even though there are guidelines, other factors such as the test results, how you are feeling, your medical history and whether you are going to have a repair verses a replacement, will all factor into your cardio decision to suggest surgery. The guidelines are published by the ACC and are rather technical. 

    While i too was very active, healthy overall, and good diet, I became symptomatic within  2 years of developing a leaky mitral valve that resulted in a repair via open heart surgery. Prior to that, I was told to keep a watchful eye on my MVP with annual echos and stress tests, sometimes even twice a year. I was told at that time, while I was young and healthy, a repair is much more advantageous than a replacement. 

    I invite you to review the resources re valve disease below. I will also encourage you to read my journey as I feel that it can put your mind at ease as to the what if’s, fears of the unknown, why me and can I get through this? I assure you, you will get through this, one heartbeat at a time❣️ please feel free to reach out with any further questions or concerns as we welcome you with heart❣️

    Ambassador C 

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