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Cathycobb68, April 24,  2020  9:47am EST

Nutrition for Heart Disease

I was diagnosed with MVP & Regurg in 2015 which has gone from Mild to Moderate. I am under the care of a cardiologist but I am very interested in nutrition for the heart. I want to eat as heathly as possible and specifically for heart disease. I have ordered a few books but some of the information is confusing on what is good and what is not. For instance, every morning I have whole wheat toast with almond butter. I thought this was a good heart healthy choice but I just learned that peanut butter is NOT good for the heart so I assume that almond butter falls under that same category. Does anyone recommend a great resource for learning about the nutrtion side of heart disease and where to go for guidance. Also- have most people on here with heart disease, cut out caffeine completely? Thank you

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  • AmbassadorMR
    AmbassadorMR, May 10,  2020  10:53am EST

    Hi Cathy and welcome to the support site.

    Katie has provided you with some excellent links to information on heart healthy eating for your beginning review. In my own case, I found a wealth of information to consider in the evolving arena of nutrition for optimal heart health. I have read extensively in this area and have found the work that has been done by Dr. Esselston at Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Joel Fuhrman to be of great interest. Nutrition is an area that is hotly debated in so many ways but there are some essential elements that most experts agree can be very beneficial to heart health and I encourage you to read as much as you can so that you can make the best decisions for your own health.

    No one has all the answers, but the fact that you are interested and motivated to use nutrition as an important part of your mitral valve heart ******* action plan is very important. The research shows that this is one of the most important "controllable" factors in our overall heart health and certanly for those of us with heart valve *******.

    I wish you the very best in your personal heart health journey and reach out at any time if you feel I can be of greater assistance to you.

    In Heart Health,


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