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Cathycobb68, April 25,  2020  9:05am EST

Moderate Regurg & Prolapse

Good Morning-


I had a video appointment yesterday with my cardiologist to discuss the fact that my last echo showed that I went from mild to moderate. I was expecting to have a conversation about surgery options, etc. but my cardio was very casual about it and just suggested that I have it done every year and continue to watch it. He also stated that teh echo can flunctuate and sometimes go from moderate to back to mild again and vice versa. I was surprised by the fact that I was told to just keep a close eye on it and no need to take any actions now. I was also told that my last echo was not "clear" and was considered "fair" meaning that it was hard to read. Anyone else been told to keep an eye on a moderate regurgitation. I was told that it could stay moderate forever and never need to be addressed with surgery. Should I get a 2nd opinion??

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  • tmwright88
    tmwright88, April 25,  2020  11:05am EST

    Hello Cathy,


    I was diagnosed with moderate mvp and was monitored for almost 5 years until it became severe. I had mild symptoms (feelings of heart palpitations but nothing else). After one echo, where the regurgitation was severe and it was clear my valve was not good, we spoke with the head surgeon at Brigham and Woman's and he recommended a repair. Long story short, I'm 16 months post surgery and doing well but I was told the same and I think it's the right answer - don't have surgery unless the symptoms or the echo show it to be necessary. You can always get a second opinion but your feedback is similar to my experience.




  • Sksorensen
    Sksorensen, April 25,  2020  1:32pm EST

    I had mild-moderate regurge due to MVP for years, and even after it progressed to moderate-severe my cardiologist recommended annual echoes as long as my heart wasn't enlarging and I wasn't having symptoms.  That took another 3 or 4 years.  I am now almost 2 years post repair and feel fine with heart completely back to normal.    

    I hope yours never progresses.

  • KingandQueen
    KingandQueen, May 1,  2020  2:22pm EST

    I also had mild symptoms for quite a number of years (at least 20 yrs).  But as of late it has progressed to the regurge being labeled as severe (I have heart palpitations, major fatigue and an enlarged heart).  I have just been scheduled for OH surgery for May 15th.  I hope your symptoms don't progress.  I am only 52 years old and thought I'd have at least another 10+ years before I had to deal with a surgery.  

  • tmwright88
    tmwright88, May 1,  2020  6:54pm EST

    Yes, I was 54 when I had my surgery and thought the same but I was also glad I was reasonably young and could bounce back quickly. I'm very glad with the results - well worth it!! 

  • rainell
    rainell, May 7,  2020  9:29pm EST

    Hello Cathy,

    I was diagnosed with moderate mitral valve regurgitation Aug. 2019.  I also have mild mitral valve prolapse with it, although this prolapse has been with me many years - since my twenties.

    In Aug. cardiologist first ordered echo followed by TEE to get a better look.  Very thorough doctor. She said 20 percent of people over the age of 50 have some mitral valve leakage. You must meet certain criteria before cardiac surgery. She said leakage could become worse over time or it could very well stay the same the remainder of my life. So I will have yearly echos to keep an eye on the valves. Since she was so thorough, I will continue with her. 

    So I would say to you that if you didn't receive a clear understanding from your cardiologist and didn't get answers you want, do not hesitate to find another general cardiologist who can follow you through this condition. Good consumer information is out there.....,Castle Conally, Best Doctors (businesses or employers), board certification,,, and of course asking people about your local cardiology group practices - med centers etc. just to name a few.  There is so much information out there available to everyone.

    Also, if we ever need surgery, they are doing wonderful work in some good designated heart centers.

    Hope this helps,




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