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bethlmac, September 18,  2019  9:47am EST

Mitral Valve Prolapse with moderate to severe regurgitation

I have had a heart murmur my whole life, and about 7 years ago was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse with regurgitation. I have two echos a year, see my cardiologist once a year, and now have moderate to severe regurgitation with no symptoms (as far as I can tell). I have had TEE's, and a cardiac CT along the way. My cardiologist has been monitoring everything closely, but still felt I wasn't ready for surgery as of March. My echo last week showed that my left atrium is getting larger. The cardiologist wants to see me. Has any one experienced the left atrium getting larger from the mitral valve prolapse. My feeling is I am probably going to need the repair now due to this change. I am 63 and otherwise in good health, but this really scares me.

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  • NanaGwendy
    NanaGwendy, September 18,  2019  10:41am EST

    Hi. I could have written your post, except that I’m 62. The repair surgery is “daily stuff” for the surgeons. I’m 12 weeks post and feeling great. It was a long slog to get my energy back, especially since I didn’t really feel symptoms before surgery. That was the worst part. Looking back, I was just impatient. Best of luck, be patient, and trust your capable doctors. 

    Responding to your question: Yes, my l atrium was enlarged, but my ventricle was my biggest concern. I didn’t want that impaired, which, without the repair, would have happened. 

  • bethlmac
    bethlmac, September 18,  2019  10:50am EST

    Thank you! Was your left atrium enlarged? What was the deciding factor to do the surgery?

  • Sksorensen
    Sksorensen, September 18,  2019  1:04pm EST

     It's normal to be scared, bethlmac.  I was too.  Try to tell yourself that while this is a monumental event for you, the procedure is routine for experienced cardiac surgeons, who do it every day. 

    I also had mitral prolapse and  had a mitral valve repair in June 2018   at age 67 after years of mitral regurgitation which was gradually getting worse.  About 18 months ago my echo showed that my heart was feeling the strain and my cardiologist advised surgery.  My left atrium did enlarge but has gone back to normal size after sugery.  I  had a repair and left atrial appendage isolation via mini-sternotomy.  (My surgeon felt that because of shorter time on bypass that was the safest approach  but did give me the option to go between the ribs.) 

    I went back to work at 10 weeks  (my job is pretty active, some might return to work sooner) and went to cardiac rehab.  I felt completely back to normal physically after about 9 months and by a year later the whole adventure was out of my mind most of the time. 

    In retrospect, I was symptomatic before surgery, even though I didn't recognize it.  I though my energy was decreased and I was slowing down just because of age.  I feel better now than I have in years. 


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