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Shanti1, September 28,  2019  12:12pm EST


I have severe mitral regergitation. My cardiologist is planning to set me up to have my repair with the mitraclip procedure this spring. I've researched it and read everything I could find. I watched videos of the procedure too. I find it fascinating and am glad I'm here today to be a future recipant of this new technology.

But what I can't find are any people that can share there experience with the mitraclip repair. I am wanting to know how it went, was it successful, any problems, etc. 

I'm 59 years old and am hoping this will be a permanent fix and that my heart will last a very long time afterward. I have no heart desease or artery desease, just the one valve with a flapping anterior leaflet that just comes up short of forming a closure, not a prolapse. 

With a heart that basically is still healthy, I'm so hoping I can get my life back after this clip and live a long life. I'm physically disabled but that's do to genetic birth defects in my spine. It doesn't play a roll in life expectancy. 

My risk that stops me from surgery is a non related issue with a strange system where my body doesn't metabolise drugs properly, born that way. The odds of surviving surgery for me are slim. So, they figured the clip is the safest route to go, less meds needed, less stress on my system, less time spent under anesthesia, so hopefully a better chance of making through.

Anyone have the clip and can share their experience? It seems so new that there's not really any stories to share out there. 

I'm kind of feeling like an experiment having something so new done. It's a tad scary.

2 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, September 30,  2019  9:24am EST

    Good morning, I am not familiar with the clip procedure and did a bit of googling to see what I can find. We have one article on the clip procedure AHA names top heart disease and stroke research advances of 2018 I also look forward to reading what our other members have to say about this.  Please know that we are here for you. Best katie

  • MH1962
    MH1962, October 6,  2019  7:20pm EST

    My husband is having mitral valve repair/replacement but it will be open heart surgery. I'm extremely anxious and worried so looking forward to hearing from people that have had this surgery. He is 56 and my best friend 

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