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AHAASAKatie, August 10,  2017  2:36pm EST
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Let's Be Available and Supportive of Each Other!

Hello, Support Network Community! I am writing to encourage each of you to post your words of encouragement and experience to as many other people as possible on the Support Network. Come here often and build relationships. Create a home, a family of people to help and to help you. This site is at its most powerful when survivors and caregivers are sharing everything that happens during the recovery journey. In order to help people, we need YOU to post and share. If you have concerns about what to say or are unsure of how to use the site, please email me at We are planning a series of training demonstrations via WebEx and I can put you on the list! Best Katie 

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  • KimberlyG
    KimberlyG, August 16,  2017  4:36pm EST

    “There is Always Hope”

    In August of 2014, I became a member of the Support Network.
    I’m grateful for the valuable information available to help patients like me, cope with the recovery process.
    I would like to thank the American Heart Association for providing resources to help patients & caregivers continue the fight against heart and stroke disease
    Sharing words of encouragement ….
    Despite your current condition: focus on positive thoughts, keep your doctor informed of any new symptoms, take one day a time and never, never lose hope.

    To follow my story of survival from heart valve replacement and three pace maker surgeries

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