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AWS015, May 18,  2021  11:12am EST

Info on Inspiris Resilia Aortic Valve


New to the group.  I had endocarditis on a bicuspid Aortic valve in 2014 and required a replacement (few complications as I was late diagnosed - long story).  I now need a replacement Aortic root as it has grown to 5.1cm and the surgeon has said that the valve might as well be changed too but he is saying a mechanical valve - I really don't want to be on anti-coagulants and lead a very active lifestyle.  I either have a biological valve or the Edwards Inspiris Resilia Valve but my Hospital won't use this valve as there isn't enough data on it.  Does anyone have any data?  Success rates etc?

What would people do?


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  • AmbassadorDN
    AmbassadorDN, May 18,  2021  5:29pm EST


    You have come to the right place, and we have a great community of members here who can offer you their experiences and insights. I'm sure some of my fellow Ambassadors will be along soon, particularly those who have had aortic valve replacements.

    I don't know much about the Edwards Inspiris Resilia valve; you may be able to go to Edwards Lifesciences' website to learn more about this valve.

    My experience is with a mitral valve defect, and I have had three heart valve surgeries: a repair in 2006, a replacement with a tissue valve in 2016, and finally a mechanical replacement in 2017. I know that you would prefer a tissue valve, but like you, I'm fairly active myself and have had no issues with being on Coumadin (warfarin). I started Coumadin in 2011 to address paryoxsmal A-Fib and have gone hiking, running, and more (just no contact sports). Please know that there are many myths about Coumadin, such as you can't ever eat leafy greens again because of the coagulant properties in Vitamin K, severe bleeding risk from a paper cut, etc. While there are risks of bleeding with Coumadin, people on Coumadin can still enjoy active lifestyles and eat Vitamin K-rich foods. It's all about dosing for your diet, not dieting for your dose as well as staying on top of your INR.  

    However, do discuss any concerns you may have regarding valve types with your cardiologist and surgeon. If you are leaning into one certain valve type, make sure you feel comfortable with your discussion with your surgeon. 

    There is one member here who has received the Edwards IR valve; hopefully this member will come along soon to give you insight about this valve. He seems to be quite satisfied with his valve choice. 

    I wish you all the best as you face another valve replacement. Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have, and of course, keep us updated.

    To Heart and Soul Health,

    Ambassador DN

  • AmbassadorMR
    AmbassadorMR, May 20,  2021  10:13am EST

    Hello and welcome to the Forum,

    As AmbassadorDN has offered, this is the time for a real dialogue with your cardiologist and surgeon regarding your next procedure. A 5.1 cm aortic root is indeed above the ACC guideline for repair, so that is one key element. As to the choice of the type of valve (tissue vs. mechanical) and the risks/benefits of both, I would get a minimum of two opinions from different doctors as you go through your decision process. You didn't mention your age (important) or where you are geographically located, so I'm not sure if there is a cardiac "center of excellence" located anywhere near you. I'm also not sure what you are being told about the Edwards Inspriris Resilia valve since this is an FDA approved tissue valve and has been through all the clinical trials and use that led to this approval. There is complete information on the valve readily available online.

    I, too, went through this decision process when I had my bicuspid aortic valve replaced at Cleveland Clinic back in 2012. I have since had an episode of endocarditis but thankfully to date, my tissue valve is still functioning pretty well, and I have not had an aortic root ***********. Furthermore, I live in Kansas, but I chose to travel to Cleveland Clinic for my procedure based on their record and experience with heart valve treatment. They did a second opinion for me after I express mailed my medical records to them, so an in person trip was not required to get their input during my decision-making time before surgery.

    There are several very important decisions to be made by you and your doctors, so I strongly recommend doing your best to educate yourself and get all of your questions answered by your doctors. This is key to having peace of mind once you make your decision and proceed with treatment. Hope this is of some help to you.

    With Heart,



  • Spedman
    Spedman, June 3,  2021  6:06pm EST

    I am brand new here, and am following this discussion. Thank you all for your input and valuable information. I am slated for an aortic valve replacement in a few weeks, and am weighing my valve options. The Edwards Resilin valve is the one I'm leaning towards. I'm in my early 50's, am not super active, but don't like the idea of daily anti-coagulants, monthly bloodwork, and the ticking. (I'm a drummer with ADD, and overly-distracted by sounds and rhythms!) I'm not keen on having a valve that will have to be replaced sooner rather than later, but there are no guarantees that the mechanical valve will be the end-all procedure for me anyway...right?  I hope to have more information after meeting with my medical team again next week, and can make my final decision then.

    Again, thank you for the dialogue. Any advice or thoughts on my comments are appreciated! 

  • AWS015
    AWS015, June 8,  2021  11:13am EST


    Thank you for the comments.

    I am based in the ** and the IR valve has not been routinely approved in the ** yet (FDA approval doesn't count here) so I am awaiting a review by another hospital that do utilise them.  Otherwise I would have to go private and it is very expensive.

    I am 52, lead a very active lifestyle ex military, still play sport etc and go on my Peloton bike everyday.


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