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heartmiracle, October 27,  2019  1:07pm EST

Method to avoid offending your cardiologist when asking second opinions

Hi everyone Jerry here- first post! :-) I was recently examined and said to have aortic regurgitation. The cardiologist says that this aortic valve cannot be repaired because 1 of the 3 leaflets is no longer working, even though the other 2 leaflets still work fine. I was really hoping it could simply be repaired and not need to be replaced.


I was told the importance of always getting a second or third or even fourth opinion from other cardiologists i.e. phone consultations. This would require that I acquire copies of my medical imagery and exam report. 


How could I go about getting copies of my medical exams - without risking offending this cardiologist?  I really like the cardiologist but I'm very concerned because in case the other opinions from other doctors (who would also evaluate my medical imagery) comes back the same - and let's say I do end up deciding to go with this original cardiologist, I just hope he won't feel offended that I was previously snooping around elsewhere at his "competitors" as if I didn't trust his original recommendation enough. In other words, are there any good legitimate/acceptable excuses one could use to ask for their medical images?


Thank you for the responses in advance!

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  • Freepish81
    Freepish81, October 27,  2019  1:17pm EST

    I'm in the same boat as you and feel that I would like a 2nd opinion as well for my situation! I am not sure if this is a thing in the US, but in Canada each hospital or health authority usually has their own online patient results system that patients can sign up for, and I love mine, I can view my echocardiogram interpretations, see lab results, etc... And my plan is to print out my various diagnostic tests on my own from this service so that I don't have to ask my current specialist at all. If the states doesn't have a system like this in place, they should! I'm typing this on my phone as we speak and the other window I have open is my latest echo reading, it's so convenient and easy. Hopefully you can figure something out! Or, what about seeing your family physician and asking them to provide you with copies of what you need? Most specialists cc family docs on results these days so try that! 

  • afibabit
    afibabit, October 30,  2019  10:18am EST

    Are you having it replaced with tavr? If not, then the determination will be made by the thoracic surgeon, not the cardiologist.

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