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KimberlyG, June 13,  2017  1:49pm EST

"If Only I Had Known"

Sharing one of favorite articles...

I hope you find the information helpful.

Have a pleasant day


Five things I wish I knew before my heart valve procedure…
1.More information about the potential side effects after surgery, such as anemia, shortness of breath and low endurance; these occurred after my open heart procedure and I’m still coping with symptoms 79 months post-op
2.Time frame for the recovery process…
3.How to cope with the physical limitations
4.How to prepare for the transition; post-surgery
5.More information about the medication I need to take

Five things I know now, after my heart valve replacement & two pacemaker surgeries:
1.Life goes on… but it is a process.
2.It’s very important to notify my cardiologist when I develop any new symptoms; I am so thankful for my doctor.
3.I must keep the lines of communication open with my family & friends about my recovery.
4.Focus on the positive; reach out, give back to the community: help others cope with heart-related issues.
5.Press through the low moments, take one day at a time and never, never give up.


2 Replies
  • KimberlyG
    KimberlyG, June 21,  2017  8:00am EST
    Thanks Katie. I appreciate your kind words.
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, June 16,  2017  9:25am EST
    Thank you so much for sharing your posts and inspiration with us! Best, Katie
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