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PatyScuro, July 4,  2019  6:54am EST

Fungal Endocarditis

Hi everyone, my name is Patricia, I'm from Brazil. My brother was born with a bicuspid valve. He is 43 years old and had aortic valve replacement. But he had fungal endocarditis. Aspergillus Flavus. We know it is a serious illness.
This fungus does not appear in blood culture.
He is in the ICU, has changed the valve again and is taking amphotericin for six weeks.
My question is: Is there any specific examination that shows that the fungus is being eliminated? That we are "winning the war"?
If anyone had a similar experience, thank you very much. Sorry about my English.
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  • Dahm1972
    Dahm1972, July 4,  2019  8:26pm EST

    Hi Patricia! I’m also in Brazil, in Brasilia. Just a month ago I had two heart valve replacement (aortic and mitral), I’m 47 years old. Sorry I haven’t heard about the fungus. In my case, I have been home since June 7, and recuperating well. Your message was partly cut off for me, so I couldn’t read it all.   Hope the medication your brother is taking can help so he can get better soon. 

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