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JohnMorales, December 24,  2018  11:35am EST

Fear Is The Enemy

Well its Christmas Eve Day and since my diagnosis most of my day gets consumed with the thought of my future surgery whenever that may be,  as I don't see the surgeon till the 9th Jan  its so easy to say don't think about it,. Burt since its a OHS the fear of mot getting up on the other side  really is messing with my head. anyway just finding some time to share my thoughts with everyone here, as im usre most of you will understand those thoughts , and wishing those who are in recovery the best of luck you've done it , and to those of us who are waiting and scared your not alone , I wish you and your families the best as we all wait for that day to come , i'm in there with you wishing it was all behind me and I was recovering till then I will try not to let it over consume my thoughts.
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  • Meme21
    Meme21, December 24,  2018  2:46pm EST

    Dude I so understand I just had mine a few weeks ago have vale replacement Jan 16, this whole year has been bad for me but with God I’m still standing, I understand stand how u feel I have 3 weeks to go and sometimes I feel like somthing bad will happen befor  then, it’s not just physically draining but mentally, but a doctor knows most of the time and even told my with my  symptoms that it’s not urgent if it was they would do surgery super fast on you so just know that you will make it and be find if I have been feel like crap most of this year and I’m still here you will make it to. I think no doctor or family can understand the feelings we have only God but just hang in their! God bless 

  • THoMC
    THoMC, December 25,  2018  11:20pm EST

    I followed something I read where I gave myself positive thoughts as the surgery was about to happen and then right after. I also made a point in the days leading up to the surgery of exercising steady, only steady, on a treadmill at around 125 BPM. Do not cause a heart rate spike. I also took a pre-surgery drink the night before and a few hours before the surgery. It must be clear liquid and endorsed by the anesthesiologist society. It must be clear liquid. I also took a surgery shake the day before and a couple days after. I already eat well. Be careful  (avoid or small and consistent) with Kale as it affects clotting.

    Then there is a chance of death, no way around it. Some die. It is what it is. Face the odds. Be positive. Believe.

    Prepare recovery hell for a week. Have food handy. Lift nothing heavy like a heavy pan. Do the speedometer breathing exercises. Do not be superman and recover fast. Take it really easy.

    Make all this a challenge. Accept it.

    Follow doctor orders. I am no expert.

    After about five weeks, I got a big lift. The first two days are devastating. 

    You have it aced. You know what the mission is. Ace it.

  • AmbassadorC
    AmbassadorC, December 28,  2018  6:40am EST

    Good morning John,

    Thank you for sharing your feelings of anxiety and fear of the unknown. We all can certainly relate to those feelings of uncertainty that seem to creep inside the mind and consume every moment. For me, it was not having enough information about the procedure and what happens after the fact. I’m hopeful you have been able to take advantage of the heart education resources to help you in preparation for your surgery. 

    Another resource that I recently discovered is a soundtrack that you may want to download to help ease your anxiety. It is called Weightless by Marconi Union.  Last, I also recently learned that the hospital that I had my OHS performed at, specifically has a department for pre surgical counseling. You may want to ask your surgical liaison if such services are available for you as well. 

    In the meantime, during the countdown to your d date, doing positive things, as well as preparing for your homecoming can help kick those negative thoughts to the curb. Start a bucket list now of what you want to accomplish once your heart has been “fixed” You WILL get through this, one heartbeat at a time❣️Promise.

    Keep on fighting with heart,

    Ambassador C  










  • Azames
    Azames, January 8,  2019  9:03pm EST

    I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow when you have your appointment. I just had my valve replacement on 12/21. It was supposed to be a minimally invasive procedure, but whoever put the IV in my neck punctured a vein behind my heart so it turned into an emergency open heart surgery. I’m still alive and doing great, even hiked almost 3 miles today (pretty flat and dr approved). Just keep that in mind. It was scary leading up to it, but just stay positive and do things to keep busy and keep your mind off it as much as possible.

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