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Lorraineg57, July 20,  2019  1:31pm EST

Emotionality after surgery? Did you experience this? Do they know the cause?

"Some people find that they are more emotional after this surgery. You may cry easily or show emotion in ways that are unusual for you. This is common and may last for up to a year. Some people get depressed after this surgery. Talk with your doctor if you have sadness that continues or you are concerned about how you are feeling. Treatment and other support can help you feel better."


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  • afibabit
    afibabit, July 22,  2019  5:00pm EST

    Most likely due to after effects of anesthesia and hypothermia. The effects on the mind are well-documented but not a lot is really known why they effect the mind this way.  

  • Gigi33
    Gigi33, July 29,  2019  5:21pm EST

    I had a Mitral Valve replacement 2 months ago. Over the last month I have developed a lot of anxiety and sadness. This problem has caused my sole supporter to tell me yesterday that he can’t stand living on this roller coaster, and if it doesn’t change ..... he says “ I Love you but I’m not sure we can go in like this. He even said he went so far as to call for marriage counseling and considered filing for divorce 😢 how can I help him to understand this has not been a great experience for me and that I feel like I won’t ever do the things I did before my surgery? He keeps telling me you have to tell yourself you can do anything. It isn’t working and now if my moods fluctuate my marriage is over! 

    Please send advice please. 

  • AmbassadorR
    AmbassadorR, July 29,  2019  10:37pm EST


    Depression and anxiety are common post heart surgery symptoms. What you are going through is what many post surgery patients go through. I had heart surgery three years ago and went through many mood swings. I could cry at anything and depression had set in. Fortunately I knew prior this surgery that this could be a real possibility, and had let others know about the moods swings I could go through and asked them to hang in there with me as I tried to work things out. It took me a few months to feel mentally stronger. Recovery is difficult not only for the patient, but also for the caregiver. Both sides need to try and be patient with the other.

    For the heart patient however there is a lot that goes through their mind. They wonder if they will ever be well again. They will.  Is their heart suddeny going to fail. It's not, but these are some of the thoughts we go through. At some point the anxiety and sadness will go away and confidence will replace it. Perhaps it would help to have your husband talk with your surgeon or cardiologist or someone familiar with post heart surgery symptoms. While physical recovery is well covered and detailed, sometimes emotional recovery gets left behind. This is also a problem that many doctors, and medical professional lack the proper training in. Gigi, you will get better, both mentally and physically, so just keep believing that. You'll do everything you did before surgery, but now with a much better functioning heart. I've actually now had two heart surgeries over the last three years and I do all the things I have always done. The last few weeks I've been playing tennis everyday in 90 degree weather, after a daily trip to the gym. I'm in good health and you will be too. Below is a link to a blog I wrote before and after my first surgery. I tried to chronicle alI that I went through physically and mentally. Don't hesitate to use this site as most everyone here speaks from experience.




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