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trayce, October 13,  2019  2:01pm EST

Confused, Anxiety & Scared

Hi, I am 47 had a mitral valve replacement with mechanical.  Was told by the Cardiologist that I needed to have the surgery within 2 months but the surgeon didn’t take me serious of what I was going through and waited 5 months so during surgery the valve was to bad for a repair.  Now that I am on blood thinners, I need to eat right and loose weight.   But I am constantly told if you do this you might die, you eat this you might die if you don’t do this you might die.  I just don’t know what to do.  I am having a difficult time with eating right.  I need help with my eating habits.  Is there a group out there to help me.

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, October 14,  2019  9:09am EST

    I am so sorry that this has happened to you. Eating right is really hard, way harder than we would like it to be, I think. I can share the information we have on healthy eating with you. Please know that we are here and want to support you. Best Katie

  • AmbassadorC
    AmbassadorC, October 18,  2019  5:00am EST

    Good morning and welcome to the support network. You have come to right place as you are among a community of heart warriors that have been there and understand the struggles that you are facing. I too, at one point was on blood thinners post open heart for a valve repair. While it truly is overwhelming at best in adapting to your “new normal”, my recommendation is that you take things in small steps. Healthy eating in general is tough, as Katie mentioned and can become even more challenging when on thinners. Start incorporating healthy foods slowly into your diet, followed by moderate exercise. If you try to think of big picture, it becomes almost discouraging because it will take time. By starting small, it will add up to big. Don’t  forget to celebrate your small victories. You will get there❣️

    Keep on fighting with heart, 

    Ambassador C

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