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PK203, January 14,  2021  1:28pm EST

Chest tightness 6 months after valve replacement

Hello, I had an aortic valve and aorta replacement surgery in July 2020.  Everything went well and was discharged after 5 days.  6 month later I am still experiencing chest tightness, especially after lifting something.  No other symptoms.  Echo showed that valve is functioning well.  My cardiologist said it takes time for the breast **** to heal.  Had x-ray taken and the wires are intact.  I am wondering if anyone faced similiar symptoms and how long it took for it to go away.  Thanks.

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  • Caroline65
    Caroline65, January 20,  2021  11:20pm EST

    You are just six months post op and too soon to expect the chest to be completely healed. It takes at least a year for the muscles to heal from the trauma of OPH. Please stop the weight lifiting for another six months. You have to allow the musles to heal. It can be frustrating, but you have to allow the heal. Just hang in there and just lite workout like a walk. Just till the chest muscles heal. You are pushing it too soon. Annd talk with the cardio, for they are the experts in the healing process. They know when you take it to the next level. Good luck and slow down. The weights will not go anywhere.

  • Heart300
    Heart300, February 15,  2021  7:56pm EST

    I am three years post two stents. In 2018, I was diagnosed with mild to moderate aortic valve stenosis which now in 2021 has progressed to severe aortic stenosis. I am being monitored by a structural cardiologist every three months. For the last month or so, I have developed a periodic cough. After reading I have learned that severe AS with regurgitation can cause coughing. Has anyone else experienced this symptom?  Thanks!


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