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Meme21, December 24,  2018  3:08pm EST

A few questions on heart vale replacement

Hello I’m new to this site, I just had a few questions about heart vale replacement? I’m 25 going on 26 soon and have to have vale replacement next month, but I had a few questions if any one has experience them, I was wondering what happens if a new heart vale fails? Do you have really bad  symptoms ? Can you tell right away that it’s not working?? Why do some fail and some people don’t? I fear a little that mine will fail or have a stroke idk, I’m hopeing for the best my vale  has lasted 16 years but I always hear some people’s fail a year later or just only after 5 years, isn’t it dangerous to have heart vale replacement that fast or even after a year, my doctor said this might be my last surgery because they are trying to set it up where they can do catheter next time from here on out any ways thanks

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  • THoMC
    THoMC, December 25,  2018  3:01am EST

    I do not know the answers to most of that. I also am not a professional.

    I read that it depends. No two bodies act the same.


    Generally, natural tissue valves made of bovine or pig fail sooner in younger people. A younger, vibrant immune system wears at it more. Older people with a less vigorous syatem get more years out of a valve

    Artificial mechanical valves last far longer. They can last for life.

    I asked for and received a new natural tissue valves this year called the Edwards Inspirus Resilia aortic valve. It is natural but designed to last a very long time. It is new. There are no long term studies in it. I think probably that most surgeons prefer valves with track records, which this does not have. You never know how things will turn out. I read at the website of a top UK surgery group that the new valve is very promising but that patients had to ask for it. I love it.


    For myself, I would only accept a natural tissue valve. This is my first replacemwent. At my age, that usually means a replacement later.

    For myself, I think a third surgery is not a good idea. The risks jump at the third  one. For me, a second time around would need to be the last one. 


    If course, each surgery involves the risk of deqth, possibly on average 2-3% death risk.Medicine cannot control the unique way each body reacts, especially someone not in good  shape like most overweight and  sedentary people. That is not me.

    Also, the immediate surgery recovery for me was hell, like being in a car accident where I should  have died. It was awe inspiring at the upheaval. It frankly really sucked. But then at five weeks it dramatically improves, and even somewhat at two.

    My final comment is that, for myself, I picked a good hospital that performed a lot of valve  surgeries. I think that makes a  difference since the surgery and survival is a team procss. To be clear, people will die. I also had a surgeon who was good and did a lot of valve surgeries.I

    That is what I have learned. I am no expert. There are no guarantees. Each way has tradeoffs.


    And I do I encourage all people to exercise  and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.


  • THoMC
    THoMC, January 1,  2019  2:46pm EST

    Please let us know how it went. Recovery is not pleasant but be positive and enjoy your awesome life after getting past it.  :)

  • TylerAdams
    TylerAdams, March 29,  2019  10:23pm EST

    How has your recovery been?

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