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THoMC, November 4,  2019  7:39pm EST

16 Months After Edwards Inspiris Resilia Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery #edwardsinspirisresilia #edwardsinspirisresiliaaorticvalve #minneapolisheartinstitute...............

I had aortic valve replacement surgery in June of 2018. I received the new (and still sightly experimental) aortic valve called the Edwards Inspiris Resilia. It is made of natural tissue but has been designed to avoid calcification. It could last a long time. I was born with a bicuspid aortic valve that eventually badly calcified.

During the open heart surgery, my heart surgeon Judah Askew at Minneapolis Heart in Minnesota also repaired a borderline aortic aneurysm.

Note: There is NO long-term data about the valve. It is a risk tradeoff. The life expectency of the valve is unknown. There are no 10-year old valves in existance. For that reason, I think most surgeons have recommended other valves with known long-term usage, waiting to see the long-term data for the Inspiris Resilia once it comes in. 

I wanted it! I believe it's the best valve ever. I got it! Again, there is an unknown risk. I took that risk.

The valve is great!

I had an echocardiogram test 16 months after my surgery and an examination by my cardiologist. The test results were terrific! He said it sounds great! No evidence of anything gone wrong. Only evidence of looking great! This is the Edwards Inspiris Resilia aortic valve.

There is not one sign that anything is wrong. There is zero evidence of any calcification. My heart now tests as being healthy. I personally feel I have no heart disease. All lights are green. So far so good for my Edwards Inspiris Resilia aortic valve. 

A few months ago, a five-year study showed the Edwards Inspiris Resilia aortic valve to outperform previous natural tissue valves, after five years. That valve that was studied was a test model before FDA-approval that became the Inspiris Resilia aortic valve. I am not a professional, just someone good at learning and research.

More surgeons may now risk using this Inspiris Resilia aortic valve since we have a five year study, as of a few months ago, although we still do not have long-term data. We still do not know how it will perform in years 7, 9, 12... I am happy to have it.

When or if the valve fails, the Edwards Inspiris Resilia is designed for a catheter procedure that will install a new inner valve part within the old valve support frame. The valve structure is designed to slightly expand, keeping the old valve support structure, and then installing a brand new interior valve section with a catheter. So the second valve surgery will instead be a catheter parts installment.

You can read my posts at this group 14-16 months ago about my surgery when I had the aortic valve surgery.

My heart surgeon was Judah Askew at Minneapolis Heart Institute in Minnesota. (Askew is particularly exceptional at aorta repairs and aortic valve replacement, I concluded from information gathering.)

My heart hospital was Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Minnesota Heart, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (At this time rated #14 by US News for adult cardiology and heart hospital.) 

My cardiologist is Alex Campbell with Minneapolis Heart Institute. (I chose him from a "Rising Stars" list. I only know about my own positive experience.)






2 Replies
  • JeffreyA7
    JeffreyA7, December 3,  2019  9:17am EST


    I hade the same valve put in on September 24th, 2019 along with a double bypass.  Great to hear that yours is doing well.  I actually requested the Edwards valve and coincidentally my hospital already was using them.  My stenosis was due to severe heart murmer.  All is well now.

  • Pearlspip
    Pearlspip, February 21,  2020  1:22pm EST

    I, too received this valve in Septeber 2020.  I had my procedure at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC by Dr. Vinnie Bopat.  Was done in under 3 hours.   I feel great and my cardiologist said my prognosis is excellent.  Lets hope it continues for all of us!

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