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Cwell, December 29,  2020  8:00pm EST

Zoll life vest

Good evening,I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure last June, had a stroke a year before that.a week before Christmas of this year I had a heart attack in my sleep and didn't even know it.prior to that I had been feeling fatigue and shortness of breath. I went to VA hospital, I'm  a veteran. This is when I found out about the heart attack. My troponin level was very high and on top of that I was diagnosed with covid19. As of right now I'm wearing a life vest,which I will have to wear until I have an ultrasound on my heart, I take a lot of medication right now and hopefully they will get my heart to pumping ultrasound will determine if I have to have a defrillbalator inplant. My faith is strong and that faith is what gives me comfort and confidence in my doctors. For those who are going through the same situation, have faith and GOD Bless 

6 Replies
  • REC84
    REC84, December 29,  2020  8:44pm EST

    I'm glad you have your strong faith to help you during this time. Lots of prayers and postive thoughts sent your way Sir!

  • Cwell
    Cwell, December 29,  2020  8:48pm EST

    @REC84...Thank you so much and the same to you!!

  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, December 29,  2020  10:08pm EST

    Maintaining a positive attitude like you have is so very important! After my heart surgery, I had the good fortune of working with physical therapists who were so positive about my recovery that it strongly rubbed off on me. I very much believe that their actions took my recovery to a level it wouldn't have seen without them and I thanked them for that!

    Keep the faith!


  • JTPrinzer
    JTPrinzer, December 30,  2020  7:15am EST

    I have such a positive feeling since I read your post and the responses.  Knowing there are good people in the world like yourself who served and provided me with freedom means so much.  My dad had over 12 heart attacks. Being from England and the family there during WWII, he wasn't able to fight because of his heart and stayed home doing what he could working on the ground.  He always talked about American veterans and how lucky we all were.  He was in Canada and the doctors went on strike.  Some American doctors flew up to Winnipeg, where he was at the time, and performed surgery.  His heart was too weak for a pig valve so they used a Pulte valve which was a test model/prototype and later recalled.  It became a world-wide lawsuit and all the doctors that studied it from around the world concluded that butter was better than margerine as margerine had clogged the valves and to only eat real butter (in small portions, of course). That was back in the 70's/early 80's (I can't believe I don't remember the date) and things have come a long way since then.  Look at you -- a life vest!  What next?  Good things coming your way!

    Having had an attack in your sleep, do you have sleep apnia?  My husband's heart goes into afib when he is sleeping if he doesn't have his machine on.  In reading what I've written, I am truly rambling.  Sorry about that.  I just want you to know you made me feel good this morning and renewed my faith.  It sounds like you're in good hands and having a positive attitude means you are on the right track.  Happy New Year CWell with prayers your way for a speedy recovery for your heart and the drugs for COVID-19 you need to get well quickly.

  • Cwell
    Cwell, December 30,  2020  11:42am EST

    Thank you Jtprinzer!, I'm truly honored to be able to have a positive effect on you. Trust me I know how hard this can get and how it weighs on one's mind. I do find myself tossing and turning at night for the fear of not waking up at all and I think that's normal, so I just read a scripture, pray and think GOD for what I have and for giving me the resources to continue this fight. I'm proud to have served this great country and I put all my trust and care in our VA health system...HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOD BLESS!!

  • grtraver
    grtraver, January 4,  2021  6:58pm EST

    Hang on to that Faith, my friend! It will be tested. And if you are like me. it will be tested often. 

    I will be having an awesome moment and ****, one of those memories comes back. Sometimes I when I hear a helicopter I just start crying. I was deeply sedated and don't even remember being airlifted to Nashville, but it happens. Sometimes I hear a particular frequency and I am instantly terrified and sweating remembering the sound of the defibrillator recharging just before I got slammed into a white wall again and again.

    When that happens,       (and I eventually come to realize how miserable that is making me feel) I stop and ask myself, "what am I grateful for?"  That gives me a mental reset. I don't believe that it's the testing of Faith as much as it is an exercise of faith. Knowing that somehow, someway I am going to get through this because it will pass. It's not my job to know how, but to accept it as a fact already. 

    I've nothing nice to say about the life vest (lol) it kept going off!  It is a relief to have the AICD.  And if you give it a bit of time before it grows on you.  ; )

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